Custom Web Pages

Custom Web Pages

Custom Web pages

Your Web Pages can include:

Lots of styles to choose fromText
We do animations Graphics
Whatever type of Sound you wantSounds
Streamed Video Movie Clips
For highlighting Marquees
Useful for a number of effects JavaScript
Custom Programming CGI
Add Your Comany Here DataBase Access
Check out the JavaScript version Electronic Shopping Carts
Secure Credit Card Transactions Order forms for your products or services
Unlimited Selection of Backgrounds Background & text colors of choice
Email Email (Mailto) links
You'll be able to sell Banner Space on Your Web Site Additional links of choice

Also available
Hosting / Set up
Free Submission to 200+ search engines & directories Promotion of your site
Cutting edge Technology for your pages Constant updating
Make sure data is valid Periodic checks to ensure accurate, timely information
We'll keep your links current Verify links are current
Statistics, charts & processing of form responces Transfer to you, all of your customers data.
Very Fast Servers with many pre-installed CGI scripts Space
on a very high speed server
, which is
designed specifically for business applications.

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