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Welcome to Newlife's Homeschooling Site!

This site is a subsidary of The Wolf's Den, a great site for handmade Indian Decorations. Check it out when you have the time!

Now back to this site! Here you will find Great Used School Books at very reasonable prices. These books are grouped by subject and then by grade level for easy searching. Just click on one of the subjects on the left hand side bar, to start looking.

Then if you find something that you might be interested in, just copy and paste it on to your email, along with your zip code. I will get back to you as quickly as I can to let you know is the books are still available, and the total cost.

To copy and paste something in your email, just click your left mouse button at the beginning of what you would like to copy and hold it down while you move your mouse over what ever you want. Then just let go of the mouse button. That should highlight what you want to copy. Then click the right mouse button and you should get a drop down menu. Click on the "Copy" with your left mouse button. Then just left click somewhere in your email and click the right mouse button again, and click "Paste" on the drop menu with the left button. That should do it!!! It really isn't as hard as it sounds!!!!

The reason I need your zip code, is so that I can figure the shipping cost for you. I ship the books by USPS, book rate, unless you request otherwise. I also include insurance on every order. If you would like to check for yourself, just go to: USPS and put my zip code (63628), your zip code and total weight. Choose reduced rate for bond material and add insurance for the cost of the books.

I will accept money order's for the total amount, including shipping. That way your books will be shipped out within 3 days of receipt. I will also accept personal checks, however your books will not be shipped out for 10 days of receipt, to allow the check to clear the bank. I will contact you as soon as I receive your payments, so that you will know about when to expect your books!

Please Feel free to contact me with any questions! Also check out my links page for all kinds of neat site's that could be helpful with your homeschooling needs. Oh and check out the Giant Cyber Mall! You can get tons of savings, and even a chance at a great income opportunity! Just click on the link on the side bar and then choose one of the 3 ways to shop. Then register with my IBO# 2603335! Be sure to take a look at the "Partner Stores", especially "Catalog City"! I have never seen so many stores on one site!

Please email me with any order's or questions!

Or call me toll free at:
Listen for the double tone then enter: 2953


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