Welcome to the homepage of NorthEast Search & Tactical Rescue
Please be patient while we are upgrading and changing this page to better suit the needs of the community.

for the time being, we will only have basic innformation along with Contact information listed on the site. We don't want to put too much on the web right now because we are in the process of changing servers and getting out own domain name.

if you have any ideas or comments on the page, please feel free to E-MAIL the webmaster at hozejockey@1usa.com
Currently, we are in a restructuring phase and are only available for support in the field. 
If you need us for command assistance, or any general operations assistance, feel free to call us at:  610-587-8115
Anyone interested in any safety programs for a school, scout troup, or any other organazation, contact us at 610-587-8115 or E-MAILhozejockey@1usa.com
If you or someone that you know is interested in membership, or sponsorship, you can call us at 610-929-2876 or 610-587-8115 or E-MAIL us at hozejockey@1usa.com
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