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What is Nar Internet Cafe
What Do We Offer
Mission of Nar Internet Cafe

It's Location and Contact Informations

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What is Nar Internet Cafe

Nar Internet cafe is a new Idea created by the Nar Company, that will open soon in it's chosen location. It's Idea consists of a usual Bar or Cafe that not only serves food and drinks , but also access to the Internet through a set of Computers located in the cafe. The inside of the cafe is Large and keeps you in complete comfort , also it's unusual interior design , accomplished by Mario Saba , will surely astonish you and put you in an extraordinary mood . Prices are very reasonable , and Complete Satisfaction is our aim, Hope you come and visit us once we have opened.

Thank you for your support

What Do We Offer

Once you are in the Cafe , several options are available for you to choose; You can buy any drink you like from coffee , cappucino, hot chocolate, to Coke etc... Anyway you can also order some food, a variety of sandwiches is offered . Also , the Nar Internet Cafe is equipped with 28 inches televisions to keep you busy , and of course 4 computer stations are available for you to use at any time to browse through the Ineternet and e-mail your friend or relatives , and even talk to them...So the main purpose of the Cafe is to help you fulling your time by interesting stuffs , and to offer you the maximum of satisfaction at any time you want.

Thank you for your attention.

Mission of Nar Internet Cafe

Nar Internet Cafe's mission , is to spread the Internet Technologie throughout it's environnement , to keep people in touch with what's happening in the world. At a very significant price you can browse the world with just clicking on your mouse . Your satisfaction and complete comfort is our model, don't hesitate to contact us for any comments.

Thank you for your trust.

Contact Informations

Al Kobbeh , in front of the Lebanese University (Faculty of Science) , Ground floor

Tel. : (06)386586

Last updated on 19/11/97