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Multemedia and Accessories
Mother Boards and CPUs
Memory Types
Hard Disks


Nar Computers gives you the oppurtunity to choose from the above wathever you want to know if it's available at our office.


Multemedia and Accessories

-Case Mini Tower + Cover (Brand new cases with different forms and different colors)

-1.4 Disk drives 3.5" (Always the best drives you can find with very good quality)

-Sound Cards : (16 bit sound cards ; and 32 bit sound cards at very reasonnable prices)

-Sound Forte Radio+ (Sound card with the ability to catch radio frequencies that turn your computer into a Stereo system FM/AM)

-TV tuner (A card , onceinstalled in your PC, it could provide clear television preview on your monitor , so it turns your PC into a TV stations receiver)

-FM radio card EXTERNAL (it's a radio receiver FM that is connected to your PC without having to install a card into your machine)

-PCI SVGA (PCI 1MB memory and PCI 2MB memory,are High Resolution VGA cards to enhance your Graphics and make them look better)

-CD-ROM Drives From 12x to 24x at very reasonnable prices that everyone can afford.

-Tape Backups Internal 2GB capacity; Tape Backup External 800MB capacity.

-Keyboards Eng./Arb. Win95 ; Microsoft Keyboards Eng. ; and Natural Keyboards Eng./Arb.

-PC Mouses from all brands and qualities + Pads(Nar Pads or Microsoft Pads and Intel Pads).

-Modems 100% US Robotics compatible , 33600 bps Internal and External.

-Scanners of all types (Color; Black and White)

-Computer Desks (Single desks and Double Desks)


Mother Boards and CPUs

-K5 AMD 75 Mhz PCI Board (a reliable CPU with medium performance)

-PENTIUM 166Mhz MMX Intel Board (A very Reliable CPU and Board with high performance)

-PENTIUM 200Mhz MMX Intel Board ( a so Reliable CPU with MMX Technologie)

-686 IBM Pr166 MX 150Mhz (Very Reliable CPU with very affordable price and high performance)

Memory Types

-4 MB EDO (Extended Data Output Memory with very high reliability and speed)

-8 MB EDO --------------------------------------------------------------------

-16 MB EDO -------------------------------------------------------------------


Hard Disks

-1.7 GB Hard Disks at very good prices and a variety of qualities.

-2.1 GB (Very high Speed and a lot of brands)

-2.5 GB (Good performance and Speed).

-3.2 GB (Nothing Bad about it, it's just perfect)

-4.3 GB (Everything you need can just fit in it, Good qualities are guaranteed)

-1.2 GB EXTERNAL (A very practical way to handle your Data)

- Other External Brands of HARD DISKS that are so reliable and practical, with different sizes.



-14" NILR (Non Interlace Low Radiation, very good prices , A lot of qualities and options)

-15" NILR (Good picture with high resolution; Iresistable prices)

-17" NILR (Just Perfect and It's resolution is just Irresistible)

(NB : Some Monitors come with Speakers and Microphones)



-DeskJets and InkJets at very affordable prices, and a variety of models. With these printers , printing is fun, and the pictures are great.

-Laserjets of differnt models, High resolution printing without any doubt.Prices are studied.



-APS NAR 400w + Batteries ( a ten minutes ups to prevent electricity cuts damages, just the time to save your work and turn off your PC).It's NAR made!

-UPS SLR 500w ; 750w ; 1000w ; 1500w ; and 2000w (Very Good prices and guarantied)

Last updated on 17/11/97