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Nar's Stuff List
Employees Qualifications
Employees's Purpose
Technical Support Addresses

Nar computers offers you the opportunity to examine it's employees qualifications and purposes through these topics listed before, and there is even all the available addresses to e-mail each one of them to talk about anything that has to do with Computers.

Nar's Stuff List

- Mr. Adnan Khoury (Director)

- Mr. Fouad Habib (General Services)

- Mr. Ayman Moussa (Engineer + Manager)

- Mr. Fadi Akawi (Manager + Hardware)

- Mr. Nassim Azar (Manager at Nar Internet Cafe)

- Mr. Mahmoud Sharif (Internet + Hardware + Problem Solving)

- Miss Fadia Alam (Programmer + Network)

- Mr. Nidal Allam (Hardware + Assembly + Problem Solving)

- Mr. Mohammad Taha (Internet + Hardware + Assembly + Problem Solving)

- Mr. Mahmoud Zakaria (Hardware + Assembly + Printers )

- Mr. Hani Tadmoury (Hardware + Assembly + Problem Solving)

- Mr. Mostapha Abdel Wahab (Hardware + Assembly + Problem Solving)

- Mr. Walid Rabih (Hardware + Assembly + Problem Solving)

- Mr. Ziad Azar (Internet + Hardware + Assembly + Problem Solving)

- Mr. Khaled Sari (Hardware + Assembly + Problem Solving)

- Mr. Danny Chatrieh (Internet + Hardware + Assembly + Problem Solving)

- Mr. Zein Ahmad (Hardware + Assembly)

- Mr. Issam Abou Zaki (Electrical Engineer)

- Mr. Samir Shaarani (Electrical Technician)

- Mr. Fadi Sarhan (General Services)

- Mr. Tony Sabella (General Services)

- Mr. Youssef Intbawi (General Services)

- Mr. Fouad Rachkidi (Sales)

- Mr. Fouad Khabbaz (Sales)

- Mr. Wissam Chatah (Media Rama "Teaching")

- Mr. Hilal Hussein (Media Rama "Teaching")

- Miss Samar Majdoub (Media Rama "Teaching")


Employees Qualifications

- Fouad Habib : He's just the best in communicating with people, he's the oldest one in this team, he spent more than ten years working in this company....

- Ayman Moussa : Just new to this company , but he's a very highly qualified engineer, and also he's the manager of the hardware team...

- Fadi Akawi : Also new , but really experienced person...And very fun dealing with him...

- Nassim Azar : He's a new manager at the new Nar Internet Cafe, and intend to keep everything under controle there...

- Mahmoud Sharif : He's just the most experienced person, cos he's the oldest in Hardware industry... Very highly qualified.

- Fadia Alam : She's the only female working for Nar Computers, She has a Computer Science degree , and she's the best in programming , this is for sure...

- Nidal Allam : Amazing person , with high ability to solve problems, he also has a Computer Science degree, and is highly experienced...

- Mohammad Taha : Serious person , with high attitude, very qualified, and very fun dealing with him...He makes no mistakes...

- Mahmoud Zakaria : The coolest person on earth , works technically with high attention without missing any little detail, very highly experienced in printers too.

- Hani Tadmoury : A very hard working young man ;He has gained his experience during a little period of time... He's also the vice manager of the hardware team...

- Mostapha Abdel Wahab : A new employee at Nar computers , but he is experienced in this domain, and approved to be very qualified for his job...

- Walid Rabih :Also a new employee at Nar Computers,college graduated,has a degree in Computer Science, and without any doubt he's highly experienced and approved to be a hard working man , who doesn't mind working all day long...

- Ziad Azar : Well I can't talk much of myself, because I'm the one who's making this Homepage, but what I can say is that I'm very highly experienced , and qualified for this job, (that's what they say about me !)

- Khaled Sari : A new employee that entered Nar Computer and had an experience in this domain very quickly, he approved to be a good element to this company...

- Danny Chatrieh : Not new to this Company , but not the oldest in this Company, he's got a lot of experience and knows what he is doing...

- Zein Ahmad : A new employee that is qualified for this job , but has some business secrets to learn to become very highly experienced...

- Issam Abou Zaki : He's an old employee at this Company, he's graduated from a university in Russia as an electician, and has all the experiences he needs for his job to be accomplished...

- Samir Shaarani : A very talented man in electricity and is very highly experienced...

- Fadi Sarhan : When this man came wants to accomplish a job, he does it with a lot of heart, he's a very hard working man with a lot of experience in General Services...

- Tony Sabella : A old employee in this Company and has a lot of experience in his job...

- Youssef Intbawi : He's a new guy who loves his work a lot, and will be working at the new Nar Internet Cafe...

This is the Nar Computers's Team that made it all happen, as for the man behind all this success, and I think that without him nothing would have happened, I send him all my respect , and a big THANKS from all the staff who enjoys working with him :

Thank you Mr. ADNAN KHOURY, our Director.

Employees's Purpose

As all our Dear Customers know , Nar computers's main purpose is to keep all it's customers happy and satisfied .For many years,the company tried to show the country what every Company has to look like, and how to deal with customers that appreciate our work. And now after many years of work , Nar Computers gained it's reputation of the most reliable Computers company in the North , because of the good intentions of it's Director and of all it's Employees, therefore we intend to keep it this way.

Technical Support Addresses

These are the available addresses of some employees at Nar Computers, feel free to contact us at any time.

- Mr. Ayman Moussa : e-mail :

- Mr. Fadi Akawi : e-mail :

- Miss Fadia Alam : e-mail :

- Mr. Nidal Allam : e-mail :

- Mr. Mohammad Taha : e-mail :

- Mr. Hani Tadmoury : e-mail :

- Mr. Ziad Azar : e-mail :

- Mr. Khaled Sari : e-mail :

- Mr. Danny Chatrieh : e-mail :

And don't forget the Nar Computers's e-mail address :

Thank you for your confidence in us.

Last updated on 18/11/97