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Nar Computers is a company that was established in 1980. Although there wasn't a lot of progress in technologie those days,the company kept running in purpose to spread all the new inventions available in the computer world. Today, and after a lot of hard work and a lot of customer services, Nar Computers is for sure the number one computer company in the North of Lebanon, not only we are covering Tripoli, but also a lot of nearby areas such as Zghorta , Chekka etc... Even our services are available at Halba and Beirut.

Customer satisfaction is our model

Nar Computers has earned it's reputation all over the Lebanon, because it gave everything the customer wanted or needed to be satisfied. It's a company full of highly experienced employees, that are equipped with all the tools they need to keep a computer owner happy. Anyway, quick home services are available during the week, to all our dear customers that appreciate our work.

Last updated on 18/11/97