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Introduction :

We're a group of mathematics graduates who have tutored, taught,provided math help and researched in mathematics at various levels and in different parts of the world.
We've formed this tutoring/consulting service mainly for the purpose of solving university problems (homework assignments/specific questions), but we're also open to general problems that may arise in other fields.

At the present time we can provide math help in :

This varies with the people available at the time.

There are two payments methods for this service
We will accept checks or money orders on a

per assignment

basis for those we have got to know or are not in a rush.
More typically people use Paypal.
Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
Questions ?
Please feel free to email the following address if you have any questions, need math help, or wish to have some math problems solved.
calculus help, math help, integral calculusmath consulting services (This address is checked at least once a day)
or math consulting services

The ability to solved the given problems depends on the availiability of the "people on call", but we'll respond to all email queries.

University Exams
We are now posting old university exams with solutions !! Feel free to browse or send exams .

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