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This site was created for Locksmiths for informational purposes only. We have endeavored to make the following information as accurate as we possibly can. If for any reason an error is noticed by the viewer, we would appreciate e-mailing us with the findings, so we can review and if necessary, correct and update.

Enjoy your stay and if you have any suggestions about this site, or information that you would like to appear, please feel free to let us know.

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Key Machine Cutter Replacement Guide and Cross Reference Charts:

  • Part 1: An Assortment of Rotary Files, Milling Cutters, and Slotters for many Older model key machines along with some newer ones. Also, Links to Ilco, Framon and HPC.

  • Part 2:Framon Code Cutter numbers, Slotters (High Speed Steel & Carbide), etc.

    • Part 3: Taylor , Sagar, and Jensen Cutters.

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