Philip Friedland Tax Services Home Page
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Philip Friedland Tax Services Home Page

Services Offered

I'm as close to you as your phone or mailbox but far enough away so that no one you know knows your business! I now offer a complete fixed fee payroll service which includes all tax filings, direct deposit, and year-end W-2s for up to 140 employees at most reasonable rates.

I've been working for my clients for many years and know what I'm doing. I work for you.

Clients include attorney's, physicians, small parts manufacturer, restaurants, bars, liquor stores, bakeries, cement factory, amusement park, apizzarias, grocery stores, mortgage brokers and bankers, dry cleaners, plumbers, drain cleaning services, electricians, electrical contractors, general contractors, renovators, handy men (handy persons,) wholesale supply houses, importers and exporters, trucking and truckers, computer programmers, stock brokers, dry cleaners, laundry services, jewelry stores and jewelry manufacturers, and more.

I have a great deal of experience in working with people who have not filed tax returns for many years. Even if the IRS or your home state has caught up with you, you will find it most advantageous to have me assist you in presenting your case for your maximum advantage. In most cases, you don't even talk to the government employee, you just tell them to talk to me.

Under current tax policy, it is most advantageous for people with low income to file tax returns. In almost all cases, the government will owe you possibly more money than you may have paid in.

I can be reached toll-free by your calling 1-800-KEEP TAX. My office is in my house which is at 12 Lozier Road in Budd Lake, New Jersey 07828. My local phone number is (973) 347-4112 and the fax machine number is (973) 547-3375. My fees are normally tax deductible. Give me a call as I don't charge for an initial consultation.

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