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Pitter Patter Doula and Belly Casting is one of many doula service businesses in the Kansas City area. I have been in business for four years. My name is Carole Campbell.

Doulas provide continuous support to the expecting couple during labor, delivery, and postpartum.

This support enhances the experience for both the mother and father. Many couples find that it allows them to relax together knowing that there is an experienced, knowledgable person there to help.

I will spend the entire labor and postpartum period with you. When the time comes that you feel more support is needed, I will come to you at home or the hospital and spend the rest of the labor providing one on one support to you both.

I believe childbirth to be a very important event and treat it with great reverence. I know from the experience of having given birth to seven children that it is something you remember, and cherish the rest of your life. Making it a pleasant memory is important.

The most valuable tool a doula will use is her compassion and knowledge of the birthing experience. Many things will be kept in the bag she brings, but her gentle words, her touch and her encouragement that you can do this are sometimes the most important things.

If you are interested in Doula services in the Kansas City area including the areas North of the River (Kearney, St. Joseph) please email me at ccampbell11@kc.rr.comYou may also call me at (816) 436-5957, (816)516-3768 or (816) 616-3882. I'll be happy to give you further information on having a doula or help you find doula in your area.

Belly Casting Services are now being offered at a nominal fee. A belly cast is done usually during the last few months of pregnancy and will allow you to immortalize your pregnant body. It can be painted, decoupaged, or left in the natural plaster state. Some moms have done more than one casting during the pregnancy to show the changes in the body.



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