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Virtual Iranian Post Office

Your Gateway to Iran

Virtual Iranian Post Office offers you two services: "e-mail to fax" and "e-mail to snail-mail". by the help of this services you will be able to send your faxes and letters to Islamic Republic of Iran more cheaper and faster than normal faxing or posting methods.

  • E-mail to fax:
  • If you want to send a fax to someone in Iran, you can send it to us by e-mail and we will send your fax to him/her immediately. Yes! you don't need to pay for the phone call to Iran.

  • E-mail to snail-mail:
  • If you want to send a letter quickly to someone in Iran who doesn't have e-mail, you can send it to us and we will print it out, put it in an envelope and post it for you. It should arrive one or two days later in Tehran, and within a few days anywhere in Islamic Republic of Iran.

    You can try our services by sending ONE PAGE to Tehran for FREE

    NOTE: We are private company! We are not belong to any Governmental Oraganization!

    Now We Accept Credit Cards!
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