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The Hogan Family (TV series)

The Actors

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The Hogan Family


Valerie Hogan.....Valerie Harper
David Hogan.....Jason Bateman
Willie Hogan......Danny Ponce
Mark Hogan......Jeremy Licht
Michael Hogan.....Josh Taylor
Barbara Goodwin.....Christine Ebersole
Annie Steck......Judith Kahan
Mrs. Patty Poole......Edie McClurg
Peter Poole......Willard Scott
Sandy Hogan.....Sandy Duncan
Rich......Tom Hodges
Burt.....Steve Witting


"Together Through The Years." by Charles Fox and Stephen Geyer, performed by Roberta Flack.

About The Series

Uproar on and off the screen marked this family sitcom. The premise was straightforward enough--take one harried mom (Valerie), juggling part-time career and full-time responsibility for running a household due to the frequent absence of her husband (Michael), an international airline pilot; add one rambuncious teenager (David) and two super-cute fraternal twins (Willie and Mark).

All that was missing was a dog, or a feisty maid.

Valerie did have a career of sorts, first as the manager of an auction house and later as a graphic artist. However, most of the action took place in her suburban Chicago home, where girl-hungry David (the "man of the house"), fun-loving Willie, and brainy Mark could always be counted on to stir things up. Barbara was Valerie's understanding friend, and Mrs. Poole the busybody neighbor.

In the fall of 1987 Valerie Harper abruptly walked off the show in a well-publicized dispute with the producers. NBC decided to continue without her, retitling the series "Valerie's Family" (some suggested "Where's Valerie?" or "Who's Valerie?" might be more appropriate). Valerie was written out of the series as having died, and Michael's divorced sister Sandy moved in to serve as a sort of surrogate mom. Stories began to focus more on the kids, especially teenager David, who the producers hoped would become the TV heartthrob. Others joing the cast included David's pal Burt, and Mrs. Poole's jovial husband Peter, played on an infrequent basis by "Today" show weatherman Willard Scott.

In June 1988 the title changed, again, to "The Hogan Family."

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