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HLT Members

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So far these are the HLT members:

Hummer Event: Victoria, British Columbia Canada Annual fund-raiser offering rides or u-drives with all proceeds to the United Way. Event news, photos plus the new Modern Museum of Hummerology. (Recommended by Geoff)

Geoff's Hummer & Humvee Page An excellent site, not just about Hummers, but more info than you can handle about military Humvee's! Geoff, is assistant manager at the Hummer Link Trade. Would you like to become a volunteer?

Turbo Tim's Hummer Site - Great site home of the BAHA Bay Area Hummer Association's website. Lots of trip reports in Northern California. In depth look at Tim's and 97 Open Top Hummer and all the mods.

Hummer/Humvee/HMMWV- Hummer:- Pics, specs, info, links; With a small area designated for a joint military operation.

SUPER V HUMMER Site "The ultimate hummer".

Hummer Camp - The world's greatest 4x4 and ATV riding camp! You'll learn to drive a Hummer on some of the most awesome 4 wheel drive trails in the country. Plus, Hummer Camp is a complete ATV riding camp, and we take on the long and challenging ATV trails that abound in Utah!

Hummer Jump Site - Hummer rendering, joke page, animations.

Hummers at KTUD Archive - First generation civil hummer pictures.

William's Hummer Site - A great personal site.

Hummer 502!-Hummer aftermarket performance parts and service.

Glenn's Alien Hummer Site- Dedicated to Glenn's Hummer.

Colorado Hummer Club - The official headquarters of the Colorado Hummer Club. Information on all of the club's activities, events, meetings, etc., will be posted here.

Mike's HUMSITE -Mike's Personal Hummer Site.

Urban Gorilla- We produce m998 repelcias from a GMC or Chevy truck.

Pittmans Hummer Page- This is a page of everything you need to know about Hummers. And it has a lot of cool Hummer Pics

HUMN'USA LOCATION AND BUYING SERVICE- HUMN'USA helps private parties buy and sell HUMMERs.

Eddie' Hummer Page- Personal web page including pictures and general information about Hummers.

Andrei's Hummer Page - Hummer pictures, some info and all kind of cool Hummer Stuff. Feel free to leave you comments and questions.

Mutt & Co. - The M151A2: a little Humvee.

Olive Drab-Portal to web resources regarding military subjects, military vehicles, history, militaria, and reenactment. Special section devoted to HMMWV.

Hummer Links, Pictures, and Movies-Hummer pictures, links, and movies. Updated often.

Red Rock Recreation Roundup-If you're into outdoor recreation, we've got something for you. Hummers, Jeeps, Unimogs? Whatever type of 4x4 you prefer, you'll find something useful here. Land Use issues concern you? They should! Find out why here.

Extreme Hummer -Extreme Hummer is a place of business the repairs, accessories and sells Hummers in Atlanta Ga (678)290-5555
(Recomended by Geoff if you are a Hummer owner)


JP's HUMMERs This site contans pictures of 4 door hard top hummers that are white, tan, or silver in color.

James' T-REX "I have created this web site to show you the step by step process I went through to get my T-REX built and on the road. It has a modifications page and a tech page for any questions you may have."

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