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Ever wonder who keeps HLT on its feet? Well, that is why I created this page, just to let you know.

NOTE: This page was written by Casey D. When he owned it, since then he has given it to me (Geoff) because of time troubles, never the less Casey is the brain that founded this site and he deserves full credit. I just keep the dust off of her.

You might ask, who am I, and why do I do this? Simple, I am an AOL Member, who devotes his time to having fun! I do this, to help advertisement of HLT Members, and I believe it is a good idea, remember it is the First and Only Hummer Link Trade! If you wish to see my personal website please do. If you wish to email Me, also...please do!

I would just like to take this time for HML (The Hummer Mailing List) to help HLT get its start, they were the first there, and helped me all the way through it. Bob (the HML List Owner) truly is a great person, he has been there for me through thick and thin, and through HLT's up sides and down sides, again, thanks HML!

Next I would like to thank the very first HLE Staff Member, Geoff, he is truly a great person, he has helped me alot with the HLT Banner, and not to mention his site which is the best I have seen. Also, I have just promoted him to Assistant Manager, he now controls employment (hiring and firing), partially controls the website, controls the banner, controls all members problems, and much more! Thanks Geoff!

Geoff says:

"No problem dude."

Also, thanks to Hummercamp and Randy Faris, they really have helped me out alot....thanks guys!

And of course thanks goes to every single HLT Member, they are what truly keep me thanks!

Copyright 1999, Geoff Wilson

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