Absinthe and Old Lace: Tight Lacing Corsets
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Absinthe and Old Lace: Tight Lacing Corsets

Using Corsets for Body Modification

I absolutely believe that those with something to sell must hold themselves to a higher standard than the general population, because it is far too easy to turn a blind eye to the consequences of your livelihood. For this reason, I have included in this site cautions regarding the possible negative effects of corsetry. (See The Wasp Waist: Effects of Body Modification) Corsets are fabulous, sexy, and fun-- but they are not for everyone. Remember that it was rare for most women to lace tightly or to wear a corset 24 hours a day when women's fashions needed corsets to look good. If you want a corset because you feel sexy when you wear one or because you have come to a considered and informed decision to modify your body with one, wonderful. If you want a corset to smooth the lines of your body under a special outfit (like your wedding gown) or because you want to wear historical dress, great. If, on the other hand, you think corsetry is the easy answer to your dieting woes, please think again. Tight lacing safely is not easy, and doing so incorrectly can be downright dangerous.

These principles apply to the male gender as well. There were indeed historical periods in which men were heavily corseted in order to achieve a fashionable silhouette, and many of the health risks to women apply to men as well. It is also true, however, that men engaged in many activities for which they removed their corsets, which was not so true of women. It is also somewhat less common in our culture for men to be interested in corseting themselves, and for that reason I have focused primarily on women when discussing corsetry and its effects.

I sell corsets because I love to make them, wear them, and see them. I am a costumer because I love to see people feel good about the way they look. To that end, I offer a broad range of items, design custom pieces, and offer free design consultations to help you find exactly the item you will feel good wearing. I respond to all inquiries, be they by phone, mail, or e-mail, and am more than happy to help you. Absinthe and Old Lace is a firm proponent of health before societal ideals of beauty.

Please visit my links page for places to go for information on how to tight lace safely. Please read all the information you can find before you attempt this. Also, please make a note that certain types of corsets are not suitable for this purpose. If you are unsure whether the corset style which interests you will work for body modification, please contact me and I will let you know.

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