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~ Welcome ~

I am a ham operator myself and have been printing QSL's for the past seven years or so, mostly for Canadian hams, and more recently, for US hams. I have my own commercial printing shop here on the East Coast in the capital city of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. (What? Never heard of me? ... That's ok - neither have most of the business people here in Fredericton!)

Please note that I DO NOT expect payment for any orders in advance. Over the past seven years, I have never been "burnt" by another ham. For this reason, I am willing to take orders, print and ship QSL cards to you without pre-payment. You can pay by VISA (over the phone), by Check, or by Money Order once your order is received. The only exception are custom cards, which require a deposit of some sort.

Having said this, however, I certainly want you to know that I will do the fancy ones. Full color cards start at about $200 for the first 1000. Please email me with your idea or your request for a price on what you have in mind.....

On the sample page, you will find a few of our standard QSL's. We aren't attempting to be everything to everybody - we just want to provide an affordable card that is of good quality without all the bells and whistles. (For the majority of us, or at least people like me, amateur radio is a HOBBY, and not a career!)

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Do Your Own Artwork with this nifty little shareware program! See >> Creating & Sending Artwork

Contact Information

Any questions or comments may be directed to me by using the information below. I look forward to hearing from you!

73's (& 88's, of course!)

Keith Wilson, VE9QSL