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The Library

Please feel free to copy any of these articles in their entirety in order to share the information with those that do not have access to the Internet, but, in doing so, we would appreciate it if you would give us credit by making those you share it with aware of where you got it. Thanks!

Letters from First-Time Fila Owners new

The Faithfulness of the Fila Brasileiro new

Frequently Asked Questions About Filas

Frequently Asked Questions About Frog Holler

The Way We Raise a Fila Puppy to be a Well Mannered Member of the Home

The Ultimate Homestead Guardian

A Judge's Guide to The Fila

Temperament of the Young Fila

Tips For Controlling a Fila new

Fila Hip and Elbow X-rays: A Comparison new

Facts about PennHIP

New Words in the HD Dictionary, by Fred Lanting A MUST READ!!!
(copyright, Fred Lanting; permission to re-use required)
Fred Lanting is the author of "Canine Hip Dysplasia" and presents
seminars around the world on this topic and gait-&-structure, sometimes
in conjunction with judging assignments, other times as stand-alone events.

The Growth of Puppies-Fast vs. Slow. Which is Better?

What You Should Look For In A Breeder

So, You Want To Be A BREEDER?!?! (off site) new

Health Tips

Vaccinating - Thoughts on Safety and Efficacy.

Natural Rearing - A Journey in Learning (off site)

Understanding Fleas and their Control (off site)

Learn About The Raw Food Diet

Cute Poem About Dog Ownership Addiction

Homemade Biscuit Recipes