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This lineage chart is compiled from various sources, including Albert Finley FRANCE, Herbert STOUT, Rex B. FINLEY and my own personal knowledge. Some of it falls in the category of legend; other parts of it have been authenticated by various sources. I am cutting off the information with my great-grandmother, who was the last of the FINLEYs in my line, to avoid any problems with identity theft.

My computer records currently contain all of Herald Franklin STOUT's The Clan FINLEY, First Edition, Limited (1940); Volume 1, Second Edition; Volume 2 (1961); and what could be referred to as his unpublished Volume 3, which consists of almost 2,000 pages apparently written between the 1970s to 1980s and which are exclusively in my possession. In addition, the computer records include Robert McIlvaine TORRENCE's Torrence and Allied Families, Carrie Alexander WOOD's work (1938-1941) and Albert Finley FRANCE's The Clan FINLEY (as amended by Lillian Hicks FRANDSEN), as well as information supplied by subscribers. Thanks to contributions made by subscribers and the later additions by STOUT, I have been able to make many corrections to the original materials, which should make my records the most accurate available. Already, there are more than 35,000 individuals and more than 13,000 marriages recorded, with the potential for many more.

WOOD shows the following early generations, which agree with information included by FRANDSEN, with the latter attributed to House of FINLEY Traced Back To Adam and Eve, submitted by Ruth MOORE; information taken from the Holy Bible and the Pedigree Chart of Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family of Great Britain:


1. Adam and Eve. Adam was the first man and lived to be 930 years old. Named children in Bible: Cain, Abel and Seth.

2. Seth, lived 912 years.

3. Enos, lived 905 years.

4. Cainan, lived 910 years.

5. Mahalaleel, lived 895 years.

6. Jared, lived 962 years.

7. Enoch, lived 365 years.

8. Methuselah, lived 969 years; oldest person to have ever lived.

9. Lamech, lived 777 years.

10. Noah, builder of the ark, lived 950 years. Children: Shem, Ham and Japheth.


It is here that WOOD diverges from MOORE, with MOORE following the line of Shem and WOOD going along the following line:


11. Japheth. Children: Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech and Tiras.

12. Gomer. Children: Baoth, Ashkenaz, Riphath and Togarmah.

13. Baoth.

14. Phoeniusa (or Fenius) Farsaidh, inventor of letters, King of the Scythians, who settled in northern Egypt. Children: Niul, Regent of Scythia; Neull.

15. Neull, succeeded his father as King of the Scythians; m Scota, daughter of King of Egypt.


The lines given by FRANCE and WOOD converge again here, with WOOD's spelling given first and then MOORE's spelling in brackets:


16. Godelas (or Gaodhal), a quo the Clann, na Gaodhail or the Gaels [Gadhol].

17. Asruth [Easru].

18. Sruth [Scru].

19. Heber Scot.

20. Beouman [Roamhain].

21. Oghaman [Aybaimhain].

22. Tait.

23. Agnan [Aghenoin].

24. Lamhfionn [Lamh Fionn].

25. Heber Glunfionn [Heber].

26. Agnan Fionn [Aahnoin].

27. Febric Glas [Eeabhla Glas].

28. Nenuall [Nein nuail].

29. Nuadhad (found only in WOOD).

30. Alladh [Alloid].

31. Arcadh [Earchada].

32. Deagh [Deagfatha].

33. Brath [Bratha].

34. Breoghan (or Brigus) a quo the Brigantes [Breogan].

35. Bile [Bille].

36. [Gallam] not in WOOD; found in MOORE and a subsequent chart included by FRANDSEN, "Queen Elizabeth: Descendant of King David -- British-Israel Traces The Throne to David," condensed by W.H. Probus-Fleming and the Rev. W.M.H. Milner, MA, FRGS, AVI, taken from Chart -- Families of Royal Descent).


At this point, the charts shown in FRANDSEN's supplements skip several generations, converging once again with Eochaidh m Tamar (Tea Tephi). WOOD adds the line of Heremon, commenting, "From him were descended the Kings, Nobility and Gentry of the Kingdoms of Connaught, Dalriada, Idenster, Meath, Orgiall and Ossary; of Scotland since the fifth century; of Ulster since the fourth century; and of England from the reign of King Henry II, down to the present time.


37. Milesius of Spain (WOOD says he is the son of Bile, but following the addition of Gallam, he would be the grandson of Bile).


Based on the commentaries included in the quoted genealogies, there is an obvious gap here, with no explanation. As we will see later, FRANCE says that in 2934 B.C., Milesius had a vision which led to the discovery of Ireland. WOOD and STOUT say the vision was in 3501 B.C. The next generation shown by WOOD is:


38. Heremon. He and his brother, Heber, began to reign in 1699 B.C.; were jointly the first Monarchs of Ireland. Heber was slain in 1698 B.C.; Heremon reigned 14 years, d 1683 B.C.

39. Irial Faidh, 10th Monarch, d 1670 B.C. This was a very learned king who could foretell things to come and who built several royal palaces.

40. Eithriall, 11th Monarch; reigned 20 years; slain by Conmaol in 1650 B.C. in Leinster at the Battle of Soirrean; was also a learned king and wrote with his own hands The History of the Gaels (or Godelians).

41. Foll-Aich. He was kept out of the monarchy by Conmaol, the slayer of his father, who usurped his place.

42. Tighearnmas, 13th Monarch; reigned 77 years; d 1543 B.C.; historians say this Monarch was first to introduce image worship in Ireland.

43. Enboath.

44. Simorgoill. In his lifetime, the Picts in Scotland were forced to abide by their oath and pay homage to the Irish Monarch.

45. Fiacha Labhraim, 18th Monarch; reigned 24 years; d 1448 B.C.

46. Aongus Olmucach, 20th Monarch; in whose reign the Picts again refused to pay tribute imposed on them 250 years before by Heremon. This Monarch went with a strong army into Alba (now Scotland) and in 30 pitched battles, overcame them and forced them to pay the required tribute. Aongus was slain by Eana, in the Battle of Carman, 1409 B.C.

47. Maon. He was kept out of the monarchy by Eadna.

48. Rotheachtach, 22nd Monarch; slain 1357 B.C. by Sedne of the line of Ir. Silver shields were made and four-horse chariots were first used in Ireland in the reign of this Monarch.

49. Dein.

50. Siorna "Saoghalach," 34th Monarch; slain 1030 B.C. by Rotheachta of the line of Heber Fionn, who usurped the monarchy, thereby excluding him from the throne.

51. Olioll Aolcheoin.

52. Gailchadh, 37th Monarch; slain 1013 B.C.

53. Unadhas Fionnfail, 39th Monarch; slain 961 B.C.

54. Aedan Glas. In his time, the coast was infested with pirates and there was a plague which swept away most of the inhabitants.

55. Simeon Breac, 44th Monarch. He inhumanely caused his predecessor to be torn asunder, but after a reign of six years, he met with a like death by order of Duach Fionn, son of the murdered king, in 903 B.C.

56. Muredach Bolgach, 46th Monarch; killed 892 B.C.

57. Fiacha Tolgrach, 55th Monarch; slain 795 B.C.

58. Duach Ladhrach, 59th Monarch; killed 737 B.C.


WOOD and Queen Elizabeth's chart (included by FRANDSEN) both include the following two generations and then converge again with generation 68, with alternative spellings shown in Queen Elizabeth's chart included in brackets:


59. Eochaidh Buadhach, kept out of the monarchy by his father's slayer; in his time, the kingdom was twice visited by a plague; [m Tamar (Tea Tephi)].

60. Ugaine Mor (or Hugony) the Great, 66th Monarch; was called Mor on account of his extensive dominions, being sovereign of all the islands of Western Europe; m Caesair, daughter to the King of France. Children: 22 sons, three daughters, with all sons dying without issue but two -- Laeghaire Lore and Cobthach Caolbhreagh, from whom the Heremonians of Leath Cuinn, viz. Meath, Ulster and Connaught derive their pedigree. Ugaine was slain 593 B.C. by Badhbhchadh, who failed to secure the fruits of his murder, the Irish throne, as he was executed by order of Laeghaire Lore, the murdered Monarch's son, who became 68th Monarch.

61. Colethach Caolbhreagh, 69th Monarch. It is said to secure the throne, he assassinated his brother, Laeghaire. After a long reign, he was slain by Maion, his nephew, in 541 B.C.

62. Melg Molbhthach, 71st Monarch; also slain 541 B.C.

63. Iaran Gleofathach, 74th Monarch; was a king of great justice and wisdom, very well learned and possessor of many accomplishments; slain 473 B.C.

64. Conla Caomh, 75th Monarch; died a natural death in 442 B.C.

65. Olioll Cas-fiachlach, 77th Monarch; slain by his successor in 417 B.C.

66. Eochaidh Alt-Leathan, 79th Monarch; slain by his successor in 395 B.C.


STOUT and FRANCE's genealogies begin at the following point, with any changes noted by them shown in parentheses and boldface type. Changes from Queen Elizabeth's chart are still shown in brackets:


67. Aongus Tuirmeach-Teamrach the Prolific, 81st Ard-Rich or High Monarch of Ireland, 384 to 325 B.C. (83rd Ardrigh, 384-328 B.C.)

68. Edna Agneach [Enna, or Eanda, Aigneach] the Hospitable, 84th Ard-Rich, 313-293 B.C.; legitimate son of Aongus; lost his life by hands of Criomthan Cosgrach.


The following two generations appear only in Queen Elizabeth's chart:


69. [Labhra Luira].

70. [Blathachta].


71. Assaman Eamhnadh [Easamhuin].

72. Roighen Ruadh [Roignein].

73. Fionnlaoch [Finlocha]. This is one of the earliest known spellings of FINLEY; from Gaelic, it means "Fair hero."

74. Fionn [Finn], 95th Ard-Rich (92nd); m Benia (Bedonia), daughter of Criomthan, by whom he had two sons.

75. Eochaidh Feidlioch (Eochy Fedhluch), 96th (93rd) Monarch, 142-130 B.C.; m Clothfionn, daughter of Eochaidh Uchleathan, who was a very virtuous lady; by him, she had three children.

76. Lothar (Bress-Nar-Lathar) [Brias Fineamhuas] (Nai, 95th Ardrigh; m Cloethia).

77. Lughaidh Sriabh-n Deary [Lughaidh Reibdearg], 98th Ard-Rich, 35-9 B.C.; m Dearborguill, daughter of the King of Denmark.

78. Crimthann-Niadh-Nar the Heroic (Crimiham Niadhaitihe the Bashful), 100th Ard-Rich, 8 B.C. to A.D. 9. It was in his reign that Jesus Christ was born. Crimthann m Nar-Tath-Chaoch, daughter of Laoch, son of Daire, who lived in the land of the Picts (Scotland).

79. Feredach Fionn-Feachtnach the True and Sincere (the Just), 102nd Ard-Rich, A.D. 14-36.

80. Fiacha Fionn Ola (Fiacha of the White Oxen) [not included in Queen Elizabeth's chart], A.D. 40-56; m Eithne, daughter of Imgheal, King of Alba (King of the Picts).

81. Tuathal Teachtmar the Acceptable, reigned A.D. 75-106; m Bain, daughter of Sgaile Balbh, King of England (King of Finland).

82. Fedhlimidh (Felim) Rachtmar [not included in Queen Elizabeth's chart] (Feidhlim) the Legislator; reigned 110-119; d of thirst; m Ughua, daughter of the King of Denmark.

83. Conn Ceadeathach (Conn Citchethac), or Conn of the Hundred Battles; reigned 138-173; m Landabana, daughter of Crimtham, King of Leinster, Ireland.

84. Sarad (Soadia), his daughter; m Conary II, King of Ireland, 173-181, descendant of Cairbre Fionn (Conary the Great), King of Munster.

85. Cairbre (Carbry) Riada, who in the third century established the first Irish settlement in Argyleshire, Scotland.

86. Colla Uaish [Corbred Dalriada, or Reada], King of Tara; invaded Emaina, Ireland, and became ruler of the territory later known as Dalriada, Ireland.

87. Eochaidh [Etholdus] the Red-Haired, also known as the Valiant (a ruler of Dalriada, Ireland).


The following generations are only in Queen Elizabeth's chart:


88. Athirco.

89. Findachar.

90. Thrinklind.

91. Fincormach.

92. Romaich.

93. Angus.

94. Eochaidh (or Ethod).


The lines converge once again:


95. Erc [Erth], ruled in Dalriada, Ireland, A.D. 430. Children: Lorne, occupied territory in western Scotland named after him, began reign in A.D. 470; Angus, possessed islands of Islay, Jura and Iona; Fergus McErc.

96. Fergus McErc, King of Dalriada, Scotland (named after his native territory in Ireland); reigned 501-506; drowned in a shipwreck off Carrick Fergus (Rock of Fergus) and his body washed ashore in County Antrim, Ireland.

97. Domangart [Dangard], King of Dalriada, Scotland; reigned 506-508; m Fedelima, Princess of Albain. Children: Congallus I, who succeeded him and reigned from 508-537; Gabhran.

98. Gabhran [Govran], King of Dalriada; reigned 537-560; m Lleian, daughter of Brychan Brechene, King of Brecknoch in South Wales.

99. Aedhan McGabhran [Aydan]. Reigned 574-606.

100. Eochaidh Buide [Eugene]. Reigned 606-629; m a daughter of Congus, a British King.

101. Donald Breac. Reigned 630-643.

102. Domangart [Ethach]. Reigned 659-672.

103. Eochaid Kinmail [Ethdre]. Reigned 695-697.

104. Aodh Fionn [Ethafind]. Reigned 748-778 (748-769, FRANCE says); m Ethelbara, daughter of Cuthria, King of West Saxon.

105. Eochaidh (or Eochy) IV [Ethas]. Reigned 779-819 (769-819, FRANCE); m Urquesia, daughter of Urquis, King of the Picts.

106. Alpin, King of the Scots and Picts; reigned 833-834 (killed in the Battle of Dundee, 20 Jul 834.)

107. Kenneth McAlpin, King of Scotland; reigned 843-860; m Cinaith, daughter of Anicum of the Isles. Children: [Ethus] and Constantine.

108. Constantine, King of Scotland; reigned 863-877 (863-881); slain in battle with the Danes; m Nesta, a Welch Princess.

109. Donald IV, King of Scotland; reigned 889-900.

110. Malcolm I, King of Scotland; reigned 942-954; m Beatrice of the Isles.

111. Kenneth II, King of Scotland; reigned 971-995 (975-995); assassinated by Fenella, wife of Moamor of Angus and daughter of Cunchar, Thane of Angus.

112. Malcolm II, King of Scotland; reigned 1005-1034; murdered at Glamis; m (2nd) Aelifu. Three daughters: Bethoc, or Beatrice, m Crinan, lay-abbot of Dunkeld and chief of the House of Atholl, with their son, Duncan, later becoming King of Strathcylde and, still later, King of Scotland; Alice m Sigurd, Earl of Orkney, he d 1014, with their son, Thorfinn, named Earl of Sutherland and Thane of Moray; Donada m Finlay McRuaidhri.

113. Donada m Finlay McRuaidhri, Earl of Moray, Thane of Ross and Cromarty, and Chief of the Clan Fionnladh (also meaning "Son of Fergus"), also known as Findlaec or Finlay. He was the son of Rudidhri or McRuari; grandson of Fergus, who ruled in Dalriada from A.D. 778-781; great-grandson of Eagen, who ruled A.D. 741-747; great-great grandson of Fearchar Fada, who ruled A.D. 677-697; great, great, great-grandson of Feradach, a powerful chief of Clan Lorne; and great, great, great, great-grandson of Lorne, first King of Albain, A.D. 470-500. Finlay McRuaidhri was murdered in A.D. 1020 to make Malcolm II the sole king. Children: Malbride and Macboeda.

114. Macboeda or Macbeth, b 1005; reigned 1039-1057; m Gruoch, daughter of Bodhe and widow of his own nephew, Gilcomgain, who d 1032 (they had one child, Lulach); d 5 Dec 1057, Lumphanen on Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

115. Macbeatha MC FINLAY, a younger son of Macbeth, was Thane of Cromarty, 1060-1093; m Bethoca, daughter of Andrew MC BRAD (MC BRIDE).

116. Rory or Ruari MC FINLAY, Thane of Cromarty, 1100-1152.

117. Fergus MC FINLAY, fourth son of Rory, and also known as SHAW or Farquhar SHAW of Rothumerches, a tenant of Rossen, Cromarty, 1210.

118. Shaw DUBH, also known as Eugenius MC FINLAY or Shaw FARQUHAR (SON), murdered by Walter, Seneschal of Scotland, 1223. This is claimed origin of the Clan FARQUHARSON in Aberdeenshire.

119. Fearchar, Chief of the Clan FIONNLAGH, lived in the Braces of Mar, the head of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, in 1236; m the daughter and heiress of Patrick MAC DONACHADH, ancestor of ROBERTSON of Lude.

120. Archibald FINLA or FINLAY, second son of Fearchar; m Margaret ROBERTSON, daughter of William ROBERTSON of Lude; d before 1337. Children: Roger, Richard and William.

121. William FINLAY, Royal Forester of King Robert I; m Isabel DEMPSTER, daughter of Thomas DEMPSTER, Laird of Murish, and Eleanor FORBES, niece and co-heir of Viscount FORBES. Children: Andrew and John.

122. Andrew FINLAY, Sheriff of Perth; m Marjorie MC DONALD, niece and co-heir of John MC DONALD of Perthshire. Children: William, John, Andrew (m Marjorie BALBERNEY) and Marjorie (m John BALBERNEY).

123. John FINLAY, Bishop of Dumblane as of 1406, later Thane of Glentilt; m Eleanor STEWART, daughter of John STEWART of Fothergill; d 1456. Children: John FINLAY Jr., Andrew, William, Alexander, Robert and Margaret.

124. John FINLAY or FINLEY m Mary MAC RAE, who was a widow, she d ca. 1462; he d 1461.

125. John FYNLAY or FINLEY m Joneta ROGERS (STOUT says Janet ROGER), daughter of William ROGERS; d before 1507. Children: John, who had sons, Luke, William and William Roger; and Andrew FINLEY.

126. Andrew FINLEY (STOUT is incorrect in listing birthdate of 1504) m 1524 w Janet HAY, daughter of John HAY of Erroll, Perthshire, and Janet DOUGLASS, lineal descendant of William DE HAYA, Cup Bearer to Malcolm IV; d before 27 Apr 1547, Aughenlyth, Forfarshire, Scotland. Children: John, bapt. 9 Nov 1524, m Susannah __________ , she was buried 18 May 1591, he was buried 18 Aug 1578, Parish of Howden, York, England; Andrew FINLEY Jr., bapt. 6 Mar 1526; Joneta, bapt. 28 Jan 1529, m June 1549 w Thomas BELL; James; and Alexander, bapt. 27 May 1534, d 1627, Killashandra, County Cavan, Ireland.

127. James FINLEY, bapt. 15 Sept 1530, Cupar Angus, Forfashire, Scotland; m before 1576 w Elizabeth WARRENDER, daughter of William and Christina WARRENDER; d 26 Mar 1597, Newburn, Parish of St. Andrew, Balchrystie, County Fife, Scotland. Children: Andrew, bapt. 15 Apr 1576, m June 1602 w Christian FORBES, b 1589, he d 1654, Newton Rires, County Fife, Scotland; John; Christina, bapt. 6 Aug 1580, m 22 June 1602 w Thomas ABERCROMBIE Jr.; William, bapt. 4 Nov 1582, d 1665, County Antrim, Ireland; James FINLEY Jr., bapt. 25 Oct 1583, m 14 Jul 1603, Barbara HUNTAR, daughter of William HUNTAR and Grizelda TRAILL, he d 1620, Incharvie, County Fife, Scotland; and Alexander, bapt. 10 Nov 1584, m Grissell HUNTAR, he d 1644, Stenton, Barony of Abercrombee, County Fife, Scotland.

128. John FINLEY (also called John of Fife), bapt. 8 Jun 1579, St. Andrew's Parish, County Fife, Scotland; m (1st) Eleanor FORBES, daughter of John FORBES; m (2nd) 3 Oct 1630 w Sarah CRAIGIE, daughter of John and Christian SMITH CRAIGIE of Dunbarnie, she d 1669; he d 6 Oct 1670, Incharvie, County Fife, Scotland. Children: James, bapt. 9 Sept 1631, St. Andrew's Parish, County Fife, Scotland, m (1st) 1649 w Barbara HENDERSON, she d 1665, m (2nd) 10 Sept 1666 w Margaret MACKIE, she d 1672, he d 16 Feb 1681, Incharvie; Robert; John, bapt. 9 Aug 1636, m Jane THOMPSON, she d 1714, he d 1714, County Antrim, Ireland; Margaret, bapt. 2 Jul 1637, m George THOMPSON, brother of Jane THOMPSON, she d County Antrim, Ireland; and Euphan, bapt. 16 June 1639, d 1657.

129. Robert FINLEY, bapt. 4 May 1634, Incharvie, County Fife, Scotland; m 1680 w Margaret Mary LAUDER; d 18 June 1712, County Armagh, Ireland. Children: Robert FINLEY Jr., bapt. 9 May 1681, Mullaghabrac, County Armagh, Ireland, m 2 Aug 1718 w Sarah PATTERSON, d 1741, West Nottingham Twp. (now Cumberland Co, MD); Michael, b 10 Feb 1683, Mullaghabrac, m 12 Jul 1712, Armagh, Ireland, w Ann O'NEILL, daughter of Samuel O'NEILL, Michael d 1750, Salisbury Twp., Chester Co, PA; Samuel, b 18 Mar 1684, Armagh, Ireland, d 1737, West Nottingham Twp., MD; Archibald; and John, bapt. 14 Mar 1688, m 22 Nov 1714, Ireland, w Mary Ann BARCLAY, d 9 Dec 1760, Hopewell Twp., York Co, PA.

130. Archibald FINLEY, bapt. 8 Jan 1686, Mullaghabrac, County Armagh, Ireland; m 10 Aug 1721, County Armagh, Ireland, w Margaret KELSO, daughter of Henry KELSO; d 11 Mar 1750, Bucks Co, PA. Children: John; Henry, b 18 Apr 1726, Ireland, m Elizabeth WALKER, daughter of William WALKER; Alexander, b 12 June 1730, Ireland, d 1779, Bucks Co, PA; Agnes, b Oct 1737, Bucks Co, PA, m 1757 w Henry KELSO Jr., she d 1821, buried in Neshaminy Graveyard, PA; and Archibald FINLEY Jr., b 8 Dec 1738, m 28 Aug 1761 w Sarah BARNHILL.

131. John FINDLEY, b 27 June 1722, County Armagh, Ireland; m 15 Sept 1744, Paxtang Twp., PA, w Elizabeth HARRIS, b 1 June 1720, d 7 Aug 1769, Harris Ferry, PA, daughter of John HARRIS Jr. and Esther SAY. Unknown when John FINDLEY died. Children: Esther, b 22 Aug 1745, Paxtang Twp., Lancaster Co, PA, m Col. William PATTERSON, b ca. 1737, Lancaster Co, PA, she d 1789; Margaret (Martha) FINLEY, b 3 June 1747, m William WERTZ; and John FINLEY Jr.

132. John FINLEY Jr., b 28 Sept 1760, Salisbury, Lancaster Co, PA; m (1st) 14 Sept 1780, Washington Co, PA, w Priscilla HAYS, b 1761, d 4 Feb 1845, near Hardinsburg, Dearborn Co, IN; m (2nd) 28 Jul 1796, Ohio Co, VA (now WV), w Sarah MOORE, b 20 Oct 1765, York Co, PA, d 27 May 1823, Delaware Co, OH; d 11 Mar 1846, near St. Charles, Kane County, IL. Children by Priscilla HAYS: David, b 10 Dec 1781, probably Washington Co, PA (birthplace also reported as KY), m 1803 w Nancy MILLER, he d 29 Aug 1853, near Danville, Vermillion Co, IL; and Priscilla, b 2 Nov 1783, probably Washington Co, PA, d 1803, probably Dearborn Co, IN. Children by Sarah MOORE: David F., b 6 Feb 1798, Brooke Co, VA (now WV), m 24 Dec 1828, Delaware Co, OH, w Mary LOWRIE, b 28 Jul 1796, Ireland, she d 9 Mar 1856, DeKalb Co, IL, he d 26 Nov 1872, DeKalb Co, IL, both buried in Ohio Grove Cmty.; Agnes (Nancy), b 12 Feb 1800, Brooke Co, VA (now WV), m 12 Feb 1824, Delaware Co, OH, w Joseph HARTER, b 4 May 1799, he d 19 May 1831, she d 10 Dec 1830, Delaware Co, OH, both buried Oak Grove Cmty.; Robert; Sally (Sarah), b 17 Dec 1804, Jefferson Co, OH, m probably Delaware Co, OH, w John B. LEONARD, she d 1872; and Jane, b 27 Aug 1807, Jefferson Co, OH, m probably Delaware Co, OH, w Isaac LEONARD, b 7 Jul 1807, he d 3 Oct 1844, Delaware Co, OH, she d 11 Mar 1840, near Kilbourne, Delaware Co, OH, both buried Old Kilbourne Cmty., OH.

133. Robert FINLEY, b 12 Nov 1801, Brooke Co, WV; m 1829, Delaware Co, OH, w Elizabeth RILEY, b 1807, PA, daughter of Joseph and Mary SMITH RILEY, she d 19 Jul 1875, Kane Co, IL; d 17 May 1877, Kane Co, IL; buried Garfield Cmty.. Children: Joseph Smith FINLEY, b 16 Oct 1830, Delaware Co, OH, m 15 Apr 1855, Livingston Co, IL, w Mary J. CAMPBELL, he d 5 Mar 1895, Pontiac, IL, buried Pontiac, IL; John M., b 25 Nov 1831, Delaware Co, OH, m 20 Nov 1861, Livingston Co, IL, w Frances E. MC DUGALL, he d 9 Dec 1914, Los Angeles, CA, buried Pontiac, IL; David Riley FINLEY; Ezra, b 7 Oct 1834, Delaware Co, OH, m 19 Sept 1860, Livingston Co, IL, w Rebecca CAMPBELL, he d 9 Jan 1919, Long Beach, CA; Mary Jane, b Apr 1836, Delaware Co, OH, m Alfred COOKE, she d 1920, Elgin, Kane Co, IL; Isaac, b 18 Nov 1837, Delaware Co, OH, m 16 Mar 1859, St. Charles, IL, w Vienna Celestis CURRIER, b 12 Feb 1839, Kane Co, IL, she d 28 Mar 1919, Salina, KS, he d 29 May 1916, Elk Falls, KS, buried Independence, KS; and George, b 3 Dec 1850, Kane Co, IL, m Fanny Eva RUDDOCK, he d 22 Sept 1925, Kane Co, IL, buried Bluff City Cmty..

134. David Riley FINLEY, b 16 Jul 1833, Delaware Co, OH; m 21 Oct 1870, Geneva, IL, w Elizabeth Norris THROOP, b 11 June 1851, Meadville, PA, she d 5 Nov 1928, Hoopeston, IL; d 30 Sept 1901, near Freeland Park, IN. Children: Anna May; Robert James, b 20 Dec 1872, Ambia, IN, m 16 Dec 1896, Ambia, IN, w Elizabeth FLEMING, b 18 Apr 1876, Ambia, IN, she d 28 Mar 1954, Ambia, IN, he d 17 Feb 1953, Ambia, IN, buried Fleming Cmty., Raub, IN; John M., b 14 Feb 1875, Ambia, IN, d 27 June 1876; Frank Throop, b 29 Apr 1876, Ambia, IN, m (1st) 18 Dec 1898, Wellington, IL, w Dora HALLOCK, b 24 Oct 1881, she d 15 Apr 1901, m (2nd) ca. 1904, Joliet, IL, w Blanche WHALEN, b 20 Jan 1884, Pontiac, IL, he d 7 Dec 1947, buried Sugar Creek Chapel Cmty., between Milford and Stockland, IL; Mary Ella, b 19 Nov 1877, Ambia, IN, m 30 Sept 1896, Ambia, IN, w Gustava Charles HAUSZ, b 6 May 1876, Wellington, IL, he d 8 Jan 1920, she d 7 Oct 1959, Long Beach, CA; Elizabeth Norris, b 1 Apr 1879, Ambia, IN, m 28 Jan 1897, Ambia, IN, w Stanley CALKINS, b 9 June 1876, Iroquois Co, IL, he d 17 Sept 1920, Fargo, ND, she d 16 May 1964, Long Beach, CA; Nellie Bly, b 25 Apr 1881, Ambia, IN, d 21 June 1901, Ambia, IN; David Riley FINLEY Jr., b 9 Dec 1882, Ambia, IN, m 28 Feb 1904, Wellington, IL, w Addie HALLOCK, he d 14 Nov 1961, Delta, CO; Flora Jane, b 1 Nov 1884, Ambia, IN, m 25 Feb 1903, near Ambia, IN, w Oscar GILLAN, b 26 Sept 1879, rural Wellington, IL, d 19 Dec 1962, Kankakee, IL, she d 30 Apr 1948, Wellington, IL; William Pelton, b 23 June 1886, Ambia, IN, m 14 Dec 1910, Watseka, IL, w Edith Faye BUTTERWORTH, b 29 May 1892, Prairie Green Twp., IL, d 27 Aug 1962, he d 4 Oct 1940, Ashland, WI; Perry Irvin, b 11 Dec 1887, Ambia, IN, m 9 Jan 1911, near Ambia, IN, w Effie Ethel WHITTET, b 14 Jan 1889, Salem, IN, he d 26 Aug 1966, Hoopeston, IL; and George, b 28 Dec 1889, Ambia, IN, m 12 Mar 1913, Freeland Park, IN, w Laura SPENCER, he d 9 Dec 1960, Lafayette, IN.

135. Anna May FINLEY, b 9 Sept 1871, Ambia, IN; m 25 Dec 1900, Ambia, IN, w Herbert Steven FASSETT, b 27 Mar 1867, Portage, WI, d 10 Jan 1946, Ruthven, IA; she d 15 Dec 1946, Spencer, IA; both buried Ruthven, IA. Children: Nellie May, b 27 Apr 1902, near Ruthven, Clay Co, IA, m 11 June 1927, Spencer, IA, w Ole Alfred ANDERSON, b 19 Jul 1901, Spencer, IA, d 20 Oct 1977, Denison, TX; d 16 Jun 1990, Sherman, TX; Ruby Edith, b 11 Nov 1904, near Ruthven, IA, m 30 June 1926, Spencer, IA, w Fred KEPLER, b 10 Nov 1901, Spencer, IA, d 12 Oct 1982, Spencer, IA; d 8 Jul 1994, Fort Dodge, IA; and Esther Elizabeth.