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The Band
  • History

    The band started out in 1996, With Mike Dunham And Sean Hart, as the only org. memebers Since then it's be a struggling road just to find the right people who are serious enough, creative enough and fit mentaly with band. We play an assorted blend of Rock,Altertive (mainstream),Hard Rock,Blues,Folk,Pop, And may we note we play it well. Music is much more than a hobbie or passion, its theoretical obsession shared by the memebers,Whether you like us or its your problem but sooner or later you going to half to cause everyone esle will.

  • Members

  • Mike Dunham - Lead Vocals - Bass Born in Edmonton,Alberta and then adopted to a family in Ponoka. Moved to red deer where his one friend decided to teach him how to play. He is one of the main driving creative forces of the band. His influnces are " Smashing Pumpkins,RadioHead,Tool,Weezer,Beatles"

  • Cam Buffalo - Lead Guitar Cam is from somewhere, A mountain if you please, He been playing for a long time, Searching for home, and found one with the band, Not to much else to say.

  • Sean David Hart - Rhythm Guitar - Vocals - Mouth Harp Born in Ponoka. A love child of the devil. Took up guitar as a way to meet women, but found a more important use for it...Money and respect. His musical influences are: Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, and Cream.

  • Jordan Taylor - Drums, Percussion Born... Formerly in The band Kfc, Very Good Drummer.
  • Concerts/Gigs

  • 1.Ponoka,Alberta - At Your Lesuire - 9:00PM - $15.00 And Free Beer!
  • 2.Ponoka,Alberta - Old County Office - 8:00pm - $3.00 - Go Damn it
  • 3.Wetaskawin,Alberta - 147 Club - 9:00pm - Jan3rd, 9:00pm
  • 4.Reddeer,Alberta - Cass's Stagger Inn , Jan29th, 10:00pm
  • 5.Ponoka,Alberta - Jolly Farmer , Acoustic - Jan21st , 8:00pm


  • As of Jan 4th,1998 - The new is started off, Sean Kuhl Has been dismissed from the band, Jordan Taylor has been hired as the new Drummer, The demo is done, BUT!!!! Argh we have to redo cause it only had one because, we ran out money and could of been mixed down better so , Yet another Demo Tape attempt. So hopeful soon, Lots of gigs coming so check of concerts and see if they are in your area. And thats about it, We are really sounding better everyday, so just yeah, ummm Yeah. - Mike

  • As of Jan 21st, Jordan Talyor is down for a month, and in his place James. Is temping, Shows are coming, and we are just trying to earn money for the next demo tape. So Thats all. Mike

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  • We Will Rule The World Soon 1998,July 4th,4:00am


    Email: mdunham@incentre.net