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Dr JAFFAR ENT & Audiology Assessment Clinic

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This is the first and the most comprehensive clinic in the GCC, established 20 years ago. DR. JAFFAR M AL BAREEQ is ready to answer your fax or E Mail regarding any ENT disease or health problem. The clinic is fully equiped for all ENT diseases and audiology assessment. Minor surgeries under local anaethesia are performed in the clinic. Feel free to fax or EMail DR. JAFFAR. TEL 532220, FAX 530303, EMail: If you have comments or suggestions, email me at You have successfully completed the enrollment form to open your WebPromote Engage account. You must reply to the verification email you were just sent before your account is active and list members can join. Once you have replied to the email, invite your website visitors to subscribe to your list by adding the following HTML code to your website. To begin driving traffic by building subscribers to your announcements, copy the following HTML source code and paste it strategically into your web site. This is the code necessary to display the form for joining your mailing list. Sign-Up HTML with Subscribe or Unsubscribe Options: Join our mailing list! Enter your email address below, then click the 'Join List' button: Subscribe Unsubscribe A Service of WebPromote Engage

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