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Award Winning Jewelry Designed For You.!

Beautiful, Award Winning Jewelry Using Precious Metals and Antiquities in Miniature!

Egyptian Jewelry, Scarabs, Cartouches We are only temporary custodians of the human and natural made environments, but many of us are in strategic positions to nurture them with our concerns and pro-active responses. I have been a craftsman for many decades maintaining the culture and tradition of objects made by hand by linking with crafts persons, ancient, modern and contemporary, who have also worked with precious metals, and antiquities, or natural materials such as tropical hardwoods, ivory, and semi- precious stones and who are sensitive to their rarity, near extinction, or elimination. Each piece that I make attempts to achieve a higher state of reality and consciousness of statement while striving to improve on each design and its execution. Symbolically this is synonymous with a strong desire to experience the return of the pristine state of our natural environment and to amplify on the aesthetics of things made by hand. You've reached a truly unique site on the Web. Here lovers of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Asian and other museum quality antiquities can commission signed, individually designed, and finely crafted jewelry especially for those of you who appreciate unique objects made by an internationally recognized craftsman with over 50 years of design experience.

Modern technology and on line photographs permit you observe your design in progress and to work with the designer from concept to completion . You will have the satifaction of knowing that your completed piece will be unique, one of a kind, original design, made by hand, with a genuine antiquity, mounted on precious metal and finally signed by a noted artist/craftsman.

Imagine owning a piece of jewelry with a genuine artifact, or antiquity mounted on precious metal; gold silver or platinum and designed especially for you. You can select from an inventory of genuine antiquities and work on line with a skilled craftsman who will design and make a piece of jewelry for you.

You can also submit your own artifact with your suggested ideas and watch while your design progresses from idea, to design to fabrication and to final completion.

Egyptian Scarabs, Byzantine and Roman Intaglios, Mexican Fetishes, Japanese Ojime and Greek Terracottas have all been used for jewelry designs. for clients from all over the world.

Imagine owning a bracelet, ring, or pendant that utilizes techniques that have been used for thousands of years, or owning a piece of jewelry designed to include an artifact that has survived for hundreds or thousands of years such as an Egyptian Scarab, Roman Intaglio, Japanese Ojime, Greek Terracotta, Byzantine Intaglio, Americana, or Mexican Fetish that is coveted for its antiquity, aesthetics, or uniqueness. My speciality since 1965 has been the Egyptian Scarab and since that time I have collected some of the finest stones possible to use on my jewelry designs.

You can do all of that here.

First let us answer some basic questions:

Q: What is Egyptian Jewelry or Egyptian Style Jewelry?

A: Egyptian jewelry is jewelry that incorporates ancient Egyptian antiquities, amulets, scarabs or sculptures in miniature as part of the design in a contemporary hand made, precious metal setting. These ancient Egyptian items, or antiquities, often have a romantic story behind them. An example is making a ring with a gold band but an Ancient Egyptian scarab as the centerpiece.
Egyptian Style jewelry is jewelry crafted in such a way that it maintains the culture and traditions of the ancients with truly beautiful, unique designs. Every design is original and one of a kind, and antiquities and materials used are all 100% authentic and genuine.

Q: What is a scarab?

A: A scarab is a beetle shaped stone, often engraved with the hiero glyphics of Ancient Egypt. The pharoahs used to wear rings similar to the ones you can commission here, with a scarab mounted on precious metal, gold, platinum, or silver. The Scarab was also often utilized on signet rings, as a stamp or seal, or as a signature on a document. The Egyptians would press Scarabs in ink or colored wax, then stamp or seal an official document. Can you imagine wearing the same signet stone Tutankhamen or Ramses II used thousands of years ago?

This large Nubian Scarab is and example of the skill of the ancient Egyptian craftsman whose job it was to carve scarabs working in factories where scarabs were made. Beautiful Hieroglyphics were carved on the face of scarabs with names of royality, describing hunting scenes or battles, or issued for special occasions, often on different materials including: steatite, bone, ivory, glass, metal, and amethist, to name just a few.

The size of this scarab would lend itself to a large pendant rather than a ring. It is more likely an object for a collector of Egyptian Scarabs.

Q: How can I order ?

A: Simply contact the designer/craftsman at the address below.

Q: What may I order?

A: Anything. We can custom make anything for you, or show you some completed commisions on line.

Q: Who makes the jewelry?

A: A respected local craftsman: Everything is designed and fabricated by hand, and each piece is signed with the signature of the artist as well as the purity of the metal. Every piece is unique and has been featured in several museums, galleries, and publications worldwide, including: California, New York, Hawaii, New Mexico, Utah, Mexico, Thailand, and Japan as well as in the collections of many private, civic, and entertainment personalities.

Q: What about pricing? A: Since we design and custom make everything, prices will vary. However, there are items available in everyone's range, from the casual gift seeker, to the experienced collector.

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