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Welcome to QuickPad!

QuickPad portable keyboard and word processor

QuickPAD is a versatile wireless keyboard and or stand alone word processor that will work up to 25 feet away from your computer. You can also use it as an on-the-go note pad, or as a standard keyboard. It runs on 4 AA batteries for weeks, much longer than a laptop on its batteries and the QuickPAD weighs only a pound and a half! The QuickPAD has 122 kilobytes of memory, or about 70 pages of text entry. Once you have taken your notes you can send them to your favorite Word processor (on Mac or PC) via infa-red signal! No cables to fumble with!

That's not all! QuickPAD can also be used as a calculator, a phone book, and an appointment book! The phone book can store some 500 entries which can include addresses and room for comments. The appointment book can help you keep track of your busy schedule!

Quick pad comes with a handy carrying case, cables and infa-red receiver, all for $335.00* Canadian!

Contact us at EduRehab for more information!

*Prices subject to change