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A Catalog of Rare Books, Manuscripts & Curiosa.

Ong's Hat: Gateway to the Dimensions!
A full color brochure for the Institute of Chaos Studies and the Moorish Science Ashram in Ong's Hat, New Jersey.

Advances in Skin Science: Quantum Tantra
An Interview with Nick Herbert by Joseph Matheny

Joseph Matheny's Journal
An interview with the elusive Emory Cranston

Joseph Matheny's Last Transmission

Other Resources

Free eBook editions of the Incunabula Papers pts. I & II available here.

Free Graphic Novel Edition available here.

Incunabula List
This is an email discussion about Ong's Hat, extra-dimensional travel, and subjects beyond the boundaries of the known, hosted by Joy Williams.

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Discussion Boards
Dark Planet- Ong's Hat Discussions

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Coast to Coast Discussion
Magi Sytems Montauk Board
Ong's Hat Rod and Gun Club
Discussion at the IRC

Chica Bruce's definitive Ong's Hat Dossier on disinformation

PE/Montauk Connection Update
The always interesting perspective of Marshall Barnes

Incunabula Research Center (with a nice resource center)

Additional info and spin offs
What do the Cassiopaeans Think?

Ultima Thule
- We're not quite sure what this is but Ong's Hat seems to play a big part in it. It's in German.

Could this be the "Real" Ongs Hat?
Terraserve images from the commune in 1981?

The Beginners Guide to Ongs Hat and the Incunabula
Part one of a three part report. Also included in the report are some never before seen photos at Dark Planet.

???? - Stefan Kraig's new book, Ong's Hat has been released.

gilgamesh, annunaki, gold, merkabbahs, & the incunabula. The Formula for Surviving Death.. by Dan Winter

Dark Planet Radio
Dark Planet's radio coverage of Ong's Hat
Camp Hero
Raw footage of Chica Bruce and Joseph Matheny at the infamous Camp Hero, Montauk exploring the "Boy's Bunker"

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Special announcements

New books in the works.
Soon to be announced, the eagerly awaited "paper" and DVD/CD ROM follow-ups to the best selling digital series. New info and some very surpising twists in our investigations.

Peter Moon of Sky Books is currently working on a book about the history of the Ong's Hat enigma, with the working title Search for Ong's Hat. Check back here for more info and release dates.

The Philadelphia Experiment Murder : Parallel Universes and the Physics of Insanity

by Alexandra 'Chica' Bruce

on Sky Books

Available Now from this site for a special price until March.
Download a free excerpt from this book now
Download a free excerpt from this book now
PDF Version
Philly Murder
RTF Version
Zip of PDF

Al Bielek

Al Bielek - Philadelphia Experiment & Montauk Multimedia CD

Contains over 24 hours of audio interviews and over 100 scanned photos. Media is encoded in Real G2 and MP3 formats.

Sky Books

Digital Dimensions

Digital Dimensions

What Really Happened at Ong's Hat?

What Really Happened at Ong's Hat?
Part 2 of the Incunabula Papers
on Mightywords

By Joseph Matheny

Incunabula eBook Freeware Freeware eBook edition of What Really Happened at Ong's Hat? available here.
Free Graphic Novel Free Graphic Novel Excerpt from parts I and II here.
The Incunabula Papers
Ong's Hat and other Gateways to New Dimensions
By Joseph Matheny
on Mightywords
Incunabula eBook Freeware Freeware eBook edition of the Incunabula Papers available here. Over 1 million copies now in circulation!

Windows Media
Joseph Matheny's guest appearance on Coast to Coast AM with Mike Siegel, (4 hour) show concerning the Ong's Hat Enigma.
09-21-00: Incunabula Research covered in the opening of Coast to Coast with Mike Seigel

Peter Moon of Sky Books releases a document from 1994 that unveils yet another strange twist in the story.
Read it here.

PDF Version
The Disappearance of Marshall Barnes

Nov 09/00
The elusive Rupert and Abel make good on letting Joseph Matheny photograph the "Meditation Egg".

Chica Bruce talks to Joseph Matheny about the history of the Incunabula Papers and the Ong's Hat massacre via long distance phone/video hook up

Audio Link
RTF Transcript
HTML Transcript

Joseph Matheny interviews Ong's Hat survivors via long distance phone hook up 03-16-00

Audio Link


RTF Transcript