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Dear Bob:

Three days ago the long promised crossover with frequency correction for The Panga arrived at  Davidson Loudspeakers.

On the first day, we reviewed the features and acoustic measurements of what we call The Electronic Panga.  These include:

    A signal to noise ratio below 90 db for the military grade electronics;

    24 db per octave high pass and low pass slopes centered at 300 hz with
  >  1%  accuracy;

    Separate left and right level controls for the woofer section of the crossover;

    High frequency response beyond 60,000 hz  for the Electronics;

    Fully adjustable correction for the stock Bohlender-Graebner ribbon resulting
    in an essentially flat ribbon response to beyond 21,000 hz;

    Two Dynaudio woofers per cabinet with a resulting efficiency of 96 db
    one watt one meter;

On the second day we listened from Mahler to Metalica....

Everything in the bass is improved.  Everything from the ribbon is improved.   Mahler is majestic.  Metalica never sounded so menacing.

We personally did not expect the improvements to be so pronounced.   Everything in the The Panga's passive crossover is first rate yet, there is so much more from the active crossover.

We listened to the four woofer combination for seven months using a passive 24 db x-over.   The sense of  SIZE  of the base notes is addictive.  I had noticed the same difference in my home church when we went from The Panga to a system using the same ribbon with two 15" JBL transmission line subs.  The output from the Electronic Panga is not  quite the same as those JBL woofers.  We are again doubling the acoustic output going from the Electronic Panga to the JBL monsters (and before you ask...yes I could build you a pair of the JBLs).   The base of the electronic Panga has more punch and definition which is expected when the passive inductors and capacitors are removed from the system.   The bass is now the equal of 99.9 % of  all the commercial loudspeakers made anywhere on the planet.

The ribbon sounds like an electrostatic.   That is very high praise coming from us.  Remember that we helped write a book on electrostatic design and construction.  Best of all, the sound can be adjusted to match your room and tastes.

We will readily admit that The Panga and the Electronic Panga are not for everyone.  The exotic sculptured appearance of  the design was no accident.  In one sense, they are purposely built as one vision of the ultimate in a home loudspeaker.  But it was intended even more to be a work of art.   It is a kinetic sculpture that doesn't move.  However, through the music and your heart, it will move you anywhere you want to go.   For us, sharing this musical and artistic vision is our purpose as well as our pleasure.

Finally, the bottom line.  I propose to sell you the Electronic Panga at only $1000.00 dollars over the $4,995.00 price of the Panga.  Remember that the cost of one Panga Dynaudio woofer alone is over $150.00.

Why not a higher price ?  The Panga is a proven design with many ecstatic customers.  As with the original Panga, the Electronic Panga may require some fine tuning.  If need be, our normal 30 day home trial will be extended to provide every opportunity to optimize this design to your benefit.

The proposed final price is  $5, 995.00.

Bob, let me know if this sounds attractive.  This has been a painfully long wait for me personally.  If you have made another choice, please accept my sincere wish for continued success in your personal and professional pursuits.  I've enjoyed talking with you.


Barry McClune
Davidson Loudspeakers