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Welcome to the Davidson Loudspeakers Home Page. The Panga speakers based on BG's Radia 75 ribbon and a transmission-line woofer system using one or two Dynaudio woofers per channel are not currently in production. We have the woodwork completed for four more pairs should we decide to reintroduce it in a limited run. The original Panga design was finished in 1996 and in some ways the BG ribbon has been surpassed by other designs by other companys. We have a patent pending on a Heil type ribbon speaker and a prototype plasma design which could be used from 600 hz up. When these new technologies are ready, We will bring them to the market place. In the mean time, you may still enjoy looking through the website at what was (and still is ) a unique and impressive loudspeaker.

There is a review of The ORIGINAL Panga at audioreview.com. We received a 5 star rating !

We are no longer available though our dealers...and you don't have to pay their 40 point markup to purchase The Panga. The Panga is available for $....... if picked up here in Pittsburgh PA. We can offer delivery to a limited area beyond Pittsburgh or with additional crating and shipping charges we can ship most anywhere. Please contact us directly for further information. E-mail Davidson.

For the latest information on fictional spokesperson Dr. Bambamba, please click here.

We hope you will enjoy exploring our site. To help make your visit with us even more enjoyable, we have asked Dr. Bambamba, little noticed university authority, to share with us his adventurers with the Panga in its native Africa. We believe that you will soon agree that Dr. Bambamba is a man educated well beyond his intelligence .

The Panga

"We don't know why the saber toothed tiger became extinct,
but we have some ideas why this one died."

Quote from Dr. Bambamba, author of the University research study: "Death of a Tiger"

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The Davidson Panga ribbon transmission line loudspeakers uses the very highest quality components and cabinetry. The dipole line source ribbon used in both has the speed and low distortion characteristics of the finest electrostatic while being very reliable and capable of very high sound pressure levels. The unique transmission line enclosure for the low frequencies utilizes six feet of the transmission line as a diffuser for the backwave from the ribbon. The diffuser makes it possible to achieve very good sound even when the speaker is placed directly against the back wall, simplifying room placement. The front baffle and woofer extension of the Panga are made from polished and oiled solid Panga Panga. This extremely dense and naturally dark hardwood comes from well managed forests in Africa. Few loudspeakers are as visually stunning, and none can match the power, extension, clarity and precision of The Panga.

Driver Compliment:
Push-pull midrange/tweeter ribbon and one 10" Dynaudio woofer
In the Panga, the ribbon is centered on 13/16" thick polished African Panga Panga.
The woofer is mounted on a sub enclosure of laminated 1 1/8" particle board which terminates at a six foot tube forming a nine foot transmission line.
Low Frequency Response:
- 0 db at 23 hz
Overall Response:
-+ 2.5 db 22hz to 20,000 hz
90 db output one watt input at one meter
Computer optimized third order using Solen capacitors
Nominal Impedance:
8 ohms
Recommended Amplification:
20 Watts per channel (Tube) minimum
150 watts per channel maximum

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