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Dan Hughes Metal Detectors

Welcome to my metal detecting site!

Metal detecting is my hobby, and I sell metal detectors with excellent discounts, free shipping, and free gifts.

I've been finding things with metal detectors for over 25 years. My first find (1973, with a cheap Jetco BFO) was a penny in my back yard. My second find, five minutes later, was a gold high school class ring in my front yard.

Over the last quarter century I've written for several of the treasure hunting magazines. And I've used (or seen in use) most of the detectors on the market today.

I began selling detectors because people would approach me as I was detecting parks or schoolyards, and after seeing me dig a few coins, they would ask, "Where can I get one of those machines?"

I thought it would be nice to say, "I've got a brand new one in my trunk." And that's how I sell a lot of detectors--to people who see me when I am detecting.

Because selling metal detectors is a sideline rather than my livelihood (in real life I'm a college radio broadcasting instructor), I can honestly tell you what I like and don't like about any detector you have questions about.

I welcome your requests for price quotes on any brand and model of detector, and I am happy to help newcomers with hints, tips, and discussions of all facets of the hobby.

And by the way, it's pretty sad when your best photo is the one on your drivers license....



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