Those D.A.M. Bears
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Those D.A.M. Bears

Those D.A.M. Bears

If you're wondering why I call them D.A.M. bears it happens to be my initials. I also knew that many a spouse asked why you had brought another dam bear home... So I thought if you brought one of my D.A.M. Bears home you're spouse wouldn't be far from the truth when they said the phrase in question.

My name is Debbie Madden, I've been making Those D.A.M. Bears for eight years. I make all my bears by myself except when I get in a pinch then my family helps me with tracing and cutting. All my bears are made of mohair,alpaca or german synthetic. They all have glass eyes and Ultrasued paws. They range in size from 6"-24". My favorite size being the 6" bears because they are so cute and little.


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Those D.A.M. Bears
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