I work with cancer patients of all ages. After the doctors say they can't do any more, or the pharmaceutical industry doesn't have anything more for them to take, how about a real healing! Or how about healing naturally, or having a peaceful transition!


In 1971 I had my first baby. In 1979 he died from leukemia. I BELIEVE  from the results of agent Orange from his father fighting in the Vietnam war. This event transformed and  then catapulted me into my life's purpose. I later met my teacher and mentor, Priscilla Kapel.


I AM a kinesiology practitioner. Intuitive. I wake each day hopeful to connect with others on their life's journey, to help with their commitment to healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


When I meet a client I ask them to share any and all issues concerning their health and well being. I then work with them to understand their body's energy is out of balance and then go to specific events in their life where there is trauma, pain, dis-ease.


I congratulate each person for showing up for themselves first and foremost. 1. I work with one's beliefs around their ability to heal and have a longer life.  2. Re-balance the body's energy. 3. Using the body's innate wisdom to restore health.


     --Louise Sotelo          

To inform and educate people on/about Kinesiology, encouraging you to investigate all
your options, as well as different modalities available to you on your spiritual and
or healing path. In doing so, creating a strong support system.
With this system I want to assist each client in discovering your uniqueness. By
drawing on past experiences, we can unblock old beliefs and the destructive patterns
that don't allow us to grow up and move forward. With this growth we can create who
we truly are and more important, who we want to become.


I am an intuitive. I am also a channel. This 'gift' allows me to psychically look at
your energy and how other peoples energies/beliefs affect you. In our session we will
look at your "agreements" with your parents, husband/wife or children. We are able to
look at past lives and how those experiences affect/manifest in present time.

My guides are very amusing and fun. They have taught me how to look for invisible friend
or foe. "Those beings that are here to assist us, as well as those wreaking havoc in our
lives (Not the little girl with her head spinning and the green stuff flying out of her mouth)."

Kinesiology is the practice of locating blocked energy by testing the strength and
weakness of the body's energy field.  Our bodies record events in our lives:
          1.  Memory or brain
          2.  Genetic programming
          3.  Cellular programming
          4.  Emotional body level
     Each organ in the body holds an emotion.
     Each organ has it's own energy field (called Meridians).
           Organ                           Emotion
     Lungs/large Intestine        Grief
     Kidneys/Bladder                 Fear
     Gallbladder/Liver                Anger
     Stomach                               Sympathy/ Helplessness
     Small Intestine                    Inability to process stress
     Spleen/Pancreas                Resentment and/or bitterness

     The body's energy field is weakened by trauma...physical and emotional. The physical

     body manifests pain when the emotional body is denied or ignored. Identifying an
     experience (or memory) that the body holds, allows the body to talk or 'express' the
     feelings connected to that experience.


     When we were children, we would experience stomach upsets (emotional body). We
     would then be given some of the 'pink' medicine, and then sent to bed to lie quietly
     and/or take a nap (generating a feeling of helplessness or suppression). The 'pink'

     medicine takes away the symptom (pain) but does nothing to heal the cause(emotional).
     In fact, not only is there a memory of the original emotional upset, but a physical
     component which your body rejects as a foreign substance, driving the waste deep
     into your tissues.

     Identifying the emotional issue allows the body to release the stored memory that is
     creating the weakened energy field...RESTORING the field. I look forward to meeting
     and working with you.
          --Louise Sotelo   

Please call me on my phone if you have questions, want more information about this work after reading the description above, or to schedule your appointment 408.781.8297. ~Louise


Leave your number for me to return your call. I will work with all or any condition or challenge to you health and well being you may be having.


Available in San Jose,

California, Oregon and other locations by request.

Email Me with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Notice changes in the aura in this video below, filmed with an aura camera, as I work with Tim, who is in spirit, to help him as well as the client on the table find closure, peace and healing after his passing.

This Video clip is an example of my Kinesiology work with the addition of an Aura Machine, which allows the electromagnetic field of the body to be seen. It is spectacular to watch the light come through as well as the yellow light leaving the hands of the  person being healed while I work on her heart area.


The contents of this website are based upon the knowledge and opinions of Louise Sotelo and her experience. The information in an Intuitive session with her is not intended to replace a relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience. Louise encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional, especially if you are taking medication, or have a medical condition.

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