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Country Roots

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Welcome to your one stop place for all your country decorating and gift ideas!!!

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I have just gotten to busy to keep up with my product line. Please take advantage of my spring cleaning. The items available are what I have in stock and ready to go. I'm sorry but I will not be able to make custom orders at this time. I still have a lot of items in lots of colors so take advantage of the price break.

Because the site will not be running it's usual full tilt, I will not be holding an angel giveaway. However, I do have the angels listed at nice prices.

Thanks so much to all my loyal customers and return visitors. You have all made this so much fun. Don't give up on me!!! Keep checking back I may have a full product line again soon.

ALL PRICES NOW INCLUDE SHIPPING!!! Outside the USA please e-mail for exact shipping cost.

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    Country Roots
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