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OSHA Training

OSHA training is OSHA's primary method of ensuring that employees and workers on a public jobsite maintain a hazard free, healthy environment. OSHA training can take the form of online or on site training, and is required by law in the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, and Rhode Island. If you are interested in OSHA training, please visit our OSHA Training website.

OSHA 10 Hour Training

OSHA 10 Hour training is now mandatory is seven states. In order to maintain compliance and avoid those hefty OSHA fines, all workers on construction sites must have 10 hours of OSHA training or more. Lucky for us, OSHA training can now be taken online. This allows us to stay safe and compliant, while learning in a comfortable, relaxed and self-paced environment. OSHA training is available in two different formats, depending on the type of work you do. These formats are "General Industry" and "Construction Industry". Let us look at these two different types of OSHA Training.

OSHA 10 Hour for Construction Industry

If your work has anything to do with the construction industry, then the OSHA 10 Hour training course for Construction Industry is right for you. This course goes over the most common workplace related hazards in the construction field. This helps you to remain compliant, prevent injury and illness, and prevent OSHA fines. Successful completion of the course will result in you receiving the 10 hour DOL card in the mail, and a temporary printable certificate available immediately. If you are interested in taking the OSHA 10 Hour training for construction industry then visit this OSHA 10 Hour Training site.

OSHA 10 Hour for General Industry

If your work is more in the general industry, then you might need the OSHA 10 Hour for General Industry training. This course will cover common hazards related to work in the general industry, and will also help in keeping you safe and compliant. Remember, you can't put a price on the safety of loved ones, friends and employees. Again, successful completion of the course will get you the 10 hour OSHA DOL card in the mail, and a temporary printable certificate available immediately. If you need OSHA 10 hour training for general industry then visit our OSHA 10 Hour Training site listed above.

10 Hour OSHA Training online

Online safety training represent a viable new option for training employees and yourself about the hazards common to your work environment. It allows for a comfortable and relaxed environment that is suitable for self-paced learning. For more information or to enroll in a 10 Hour OSHA Outreach Training course visit

10 Hour OSHA Training on-site

On site OSHA training is a great for individuals who would like a more physical learning environment. It offers great hands-on elements and can be a great way to encourage safety training for a large group. On-site training makes sense for larger corporates and businesses who can afford to pay an instructor fee. For onsite training requests in your area please visit our On-site OSHA Training page.

OSHA 30 Hour Training

OSHA 30 Hour training is recommended, and often times required, for managers and supervisors on all public and construction worksites. It goes into greater depth and covers a wider range of topics related to hazard recognition, injury and illness prevention, and damage control. If you are interested in a 30 hour OSHA outreach course then visit our OSHA 30 Hour Training site.


HAZWOPER or Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Training is designed to instruct and inform the student of the hazards and proper response tactics involved in the event of emergency or work in close proximity to hazardous materials. There are many different levels of HAZWOPER Training, all related to the proximity and involvment of the individual in regards to hazardous materials. The different types of hazwoper training are as follows:

For more information on HAZWOPER Training please visit our HAZWOPER Training website.