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Claudio Arrau

Chilean pianist Claudio Arrau was born in Chillan 1903. His debut was in his home town at the age of five. He studied at the Santiago Conservatory from 1908 to 1911. At this time he left South America to study with M. Krause in Berlin. His debut with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in 1920 was with conductor Muck. Arrau became music professor at the Stern Conservatory, Berlin, in 1925. He was the grand prize winner of the Prix de Geneve in 1927. His London debut was in 1920, USA in 1924. He is remembered for his interpretations of Chopin, Lizst, Beethoven, Mozart, Schumann, and Brahms. A highlight of his career was the performance of all of the J. S. Bach keyboard music at 12 recitals in Berlin, 1930.