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new CD "The Moons of Glenloy"

Cannach CD cover design by Rainnea Graphics

Welcome to the Cannach homepage. Here you will find an unlimited amount of useless information about the band (some of it is even true!!) You can also leave a message for the band via the guestbook or indeed by email at the bottom of the page. The band would very much like to hear your comments but please bear in mind that this is a family show and no improper use of the word "folk" will be tolerated. A security system has been put in place to prevent this from happening but if you do not comply your address will be sourced and VLAD the IMPAILER will be sent round to sort you out. So type carefully.

Cannach are a non profit making organisation but are trying to rectify this as soon as possible so if you have information on highly paid festival / club / pub gigs then please let us know.


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