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Engineering & Scientific Calculations

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Conversion Factors (Excellent!)
Process Analytical Monitoring Systems (Sponsor of this Page)
Estimating Emissions from Pickling Tanks (Excel)
Extensive (but confusing) List of Calculators (
Properties of Water & Steam (Excel)
Copper Tubing Data, Pressure Drop, Dimensions, etc.
Estimating Emissions from Pickling Tanks (Excel)
Heat / Piping Related -- not just "insulation" (Downloads)

The links and info here are mostly referred to us by some great folks to whom we extend a laurel and hardy handshake. (Sorry, no cash.) If you use anything from this page and you blow your house 6 miles down the road, please don’t mention our name to Janet Reno. In other words, if you’re not familiar with the subject matter you see here, please get a professional who is expert in that field and let him blow up your house. They carry lots of insurance for blowing up houses and at least that way you can live in a trailer down by the river while your house is being rebuilt. This page was started on 12/25/97, so only a few links are here now. What would you like to see here? -- on-line calculators, links to other pages, spreadsheet downloads? I like spreadsheet downloads, myself -- but they’re hard to come by. We have tried to find calculation sources on the net, but with only marginal success, and most of the time you have to wade through "why our company is so great" stuff before you find out you only get a demo that has lots of flashy graphics but only does long division. So we would like to post some info here as a public service to help others like ourselves to find answers relatively quickly to some of their technical problems. We’re not selling software or giving out VISA cards, but you can buy an analyzer system from us if you need one ( That’s all the advertising there is here. We’ll keep adding links/formulas as time permits. Please send me your comments and suggestions as to what types of calculations you would like to see. Also, if you have any URLs you would like us to post here (calcuation related), please let me know. Thanks again.