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Sunday, 23 May 2010
The Fossil Bigfoot Track Match-Ups
Because of the overall similarity in appearance of Bigfoot suspected tracks and human footprints, and due to the fact that reported Bigfoot forest giants remain alleged, scientists have lumped in fossil Bigfoot track match-ups with "Giant man tracks". As long as Bigfoot remains on the missing list, fossil Bigfoot track match-ups must remain in the category of compelling evidence, and not ultimate proof of Bigfoot's footsteps.  Just because I think the fossil Bigfoot track match-ups are proof of Bigfoot does not mean I'm right and scientists are wrong or vice versa.  Until proven otherwise, respecting the oppinions and beliefs of others is still okay. ~Cliff Crook 

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Wednesday, 5 May 2010
Interesting Facts about Wild Creek Photos and Patterson Film Clip

The Wild Creek Photos coincide with the appearance noted of Bigfoot sighting descriptions found in the majority of eye-witness report claims.  Bigfoot researchers who are still mesmerized by the (1967) home movie of Bob in the Bigfoot suit, now have clear photograph examples of what most Bigfoot sighting witnesses have reported seeing.  The disappointment of giving up the appearance of a female Bigfoot with large and hairy, pendulous breasts, could be the answer to why Patterson's version of a Sasquatch still has some researchers embracing his film clip, and are having so much trouble getting passed it.  Researchers who are still stuck on the film, and still basing all Bigfoot sightings on it, have a lot of catching up to do, and well over four decades of it at this point in time. 

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Sunday, 25 April 2010
Trail Tips
Now Playing: How to Avoid a Bigfoot Sighting

6 Tips on How to Avoid a Bigfoot Sighting.............

  1. Stay out of the woods.
  2. Hunt Bigfoot from your easy chair behind the internet
  3. Immediately upon sighting Bigfoot, close your eyes and refuse to believe it.
  4. If you spy one, run like...........,then when you have arrived at a Bigfoot Sighting Calming Station, catch your breath and remind yourself that there was a chance you merely saw a guy in a fur suit.  The bartender will be happy to agree with you.
  5. Move to Antartica.
  6. Listen to a member of the BFRO.


5 Tips on How to Spy Bigfoot................

  1.  Avoid acting out the 6 tips on how to avoid a Bigfoot sighting.
  2. Keep your eyes open in the forest.
  3. Leave your camera at home.
  4. Leave your tennis shoes at home and wear heavy boots.
  5. Splash on some cologne and ignore the keep out sign at the Bigfoot Mating Grounds.   




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    Wednesday, 14 April 2010
    Sasquatch Schema
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    From: Bigfoot Central - North America's Bigfoot Data Base Headquarters.



    Composite of Bigfoot derived from the majority of Bigfoot Sighting Descriptions.

    Head - Rounded

    Skin - (Face) - Leathery, weathered, slate grey heavy Ape-like browline.

    Eyes - Black

    Ears - Hair Covered

    Nose - Flat Ape-like - High Cheek Bone

    No Lip - (Flat Teeth) Rounded Chin - No neck appearance

    Massive Broad Shoulders - Barrel Chested

    Torso Tapers - Long Arms - Powerful Build

    Slightly Hunched/stooped at shoulders - Slight Paunch

    Slight Dip at knee - Hair covered except for parts of face

    Stands, Walks, and Runs upright.


    Underwater swimmer - Basically Nocturnal.

    Diet: Vegetation, Fish, Berries.

    Keen Senses

    Yell:  Powerful mournful wail - walks like a suited up football player without the helmet.

    Hair Color:  Usually reported 1. Black (90%)

    2. Dark Brown  3. Tawny

    IDENTITY:  Unknown. Anthropoid Features and Traits.  Manimal


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    Wednesday, 25 March 2009
    Artists' Interpretations of Bigfoot

    Here are a few artists' interpretations of Bigfoot. 

    Sugar Frosted Goodness

    MPS Industries

    X Zone Nation



    Cameron McCormick

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    Tuesday, 24 March 2009
    Bigfoot Guitar


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    Bigfoot Artwork

    Portland, Oregon Brian Latta Photography


    Toronto BombingScience



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    Bigfoot Sculpture


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    Sandy Beach

    Lighthouse Patriot Journal

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    Cliff Crook Report



     The Shadowlands

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    Updated: Tuesday, 24 March 2009 4:44 PM EDT
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