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Cliff Crook Bigfoot Tracker (since 1956). America's 1st Bigfoot Case Investigator. Founder and vice-chairman of BIGFOOT CENTRAL.
© 2000

Update: Posted February 17, 2012. Cliff Crook stepped away from the Bigfoot case in January of this year and is now on the trail of ensuing life after Bigfoot. Bigfoot Central no longer conducts investigations at reported Bigfoot suspected scenes.
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Bigfoot Central: working to solve the Bigfoot Puzzle.

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img99% of the malicious slanders posted against Cliff Crook and other long dedicated Bigfoot case investigators, is the work of one individual. No, we do not appreciate his vicious lies and either do the family, church family, relatives, friends, serious researchers, good public, or fans. There is a legal limit to slanders by anyone and we are now in the process of settling the matter. If anyone else has had problems...... please contact Bigfoot Central via email.

We no longer extend Bigfoot report investigation services outside of Western Washington or beyond the perimeters of Klallam County.

Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch)

Source: The Bigfoot File - Bigfoot Central

Appearance: 7-8 feet tall. 400-500+ lbs. Entirely covered in fur except for parts of face, palms, and soles. Hair color usually reported as black or dark
brown. Skin color: Slate gray/charcoal leathery ape-like facial features. Ears covered in fur, eye shine: eyes reflect blue/green under light
beam at night. Heavy brow, high cheek bone, thin lips, flat teeth, rounded chin, massive shoulders, no neck appearance, head appears set on
the center of shoulder, barrel chested, slight paunch, long arms, hair-covered hands and fingers, slight stoop in stance, slight dip at knee.
Feet have slight arch (appear basically flat.)

Population: Rare - Unknown. Distribution: The majority of Bigfoot sighting reports place their habitat in deep forested areas of the Pacific


Bigfoot's Cryptic Identity

There is a nagging possibility that Bigfoot's true identity could be a preternatural one, which would explain Bigfoot's long and flawless record of escape and eludement, and it has lingered as an open possibility that even some of the most avid of Bigfoot pursuers have carelessly overlooked. Chances of tracking down or capturing a preternatural forest phantom are nil, which might answer the ages old question why Bigfoot has so effectively and mysteriously remained at large. ~Cliff


Reported Bigfoot Sightings & Track Finds: Bigfoot Central continues to lead all other Bigfoot Research Organizations in
field research, data documentation, and report scene investigations. We cover the real Bigfoot country of Alaska, Western Canada,
and the Pacific Northwest.

The Seven Natural Wonders of Washington State:

1. Mt. Rainier
2. Mt. St. Helens
3. Snoqualmie Falls
4. Bigfoot
5. Puget Sound
6. The Olympic Rain Forest
7. The San Juan Islands

BIGFOOT is a fascinating puzzle shielded by myth and disbelief. No other maybe-beast has succeeded in leaving behind so many tracks,
brief appearances, or other signs of existence. To this day, Bigfoot openly defies all best known efforts to be sufficiently explained away.
The eventual solving of Bigfoot's widely purported reality would mean the certain demise of one of the world's last remaining great mysteries.
No animal should be killed just to prove it is alive. There are peaceful ways to affirm the existence of any unbelieved or shunned as impossible
creature. C.C.

Many people will agree that God left us with some great mysteries. Without them, many adventures would be gone. Proving Bigfoot
to everybody would end one of the world's most fascinating mysteries. Sometime in the near future, one of the major
Bigfoot puzzle pieces might surprisingly appear. For some it might seem that proof has finally arrived but it is certain that many others will not
see it as such. Hopefully, the Bigfoot mystery will continue on and on through time. Confidential Bigfoot reports average around half of
reports filed. Many Bigfoot sightings, encounters, and track finds are most likely never reported to Bigfoot organizations or authorities. If you
have any information, please email Bigfoot Central or Cliff Crook at


Bigfoot Trails

Bigfoot suspected trails are heavy-stepped trails revealing passage feats that simply defy every known means of human perpetuation and all
best efforts of duplication. The trails pass with ease the unrevealed 7-point foot-track detection test and the spoor remains consistent in
stride, footprint features, and passage patterns. New soil acidity testing technology may soon add even more strength toward the validity of
alleged Sasquatch spoor and trail finds in the ongoing Bigfoot case.


If I were a Sasquatch I wouldn't be traipsing around the burbs or hanging out in backyards. I would be aware that there are too many vast,
forested hiding places in the Pacific Northwest to seriously consider trading it for life in the big city. If I was a Sasquatch, I would stay as
far away from my only realized enemy as I could get, and instinctively so. Man's mere encroachments would only push me back further and
deeper into the never ending forested haunts. There I would remain as mysterious, elusive, and as hard to prove as always.

Sasquatch Hunter's Pistol

Bigfoot's Downsides

A terrible roar that can silence a forest. A growl that sounds meaner than a boot full of barbwire. A reputation for throwing rocks at humans
and killing dogs in pursuit. Believed to emit a powerful odor that can drive people out of the woods. Some say it smells like dirty loggers
socks. Some Indian tribes called them canibal giants. There are some well documented early stories from Alaska, Western Canada and the
Pacific Northwest that tell of people who were killed by the Sasquatch.


Investigations: Bigfoot Central investigations focus on reported, current eye-witnessed Bigfoot sightings, Bigfoot track finds, mystery lairs,
Bigfoot burial site claims, and any unknown Bigfoot sized skeletal remains. Request for anonymity is honored and guaranteed.

Our files contain the world's most current and past photos and info/data on Bigfoot. 3 Early names for Bigfoot in Alaska: Monkey
- Hairyman - Fur People. Wanted: Any Bigfoot suspected incident from Alaska before 1960

Note: Bigfoot photos and films, no matter how convincing are not considered by Bigfoot Central Investigators as evidence. This is because
Bigfoot photos and films can be faked.


Mystery Howlings

The vocal versatility of coyote yells are often underestimated and even more often blamed on Bigfoot. Most recorded Bigfoot call tapes
shared among Bigfoot buffs are identified as the cries and howlings of the lowly coyote. Some Bigfoot fans have been so convinced that
Bigfoot made the coyote calls they have insisted that Bigfoot must have mimicked them. There is no way to prove it until someone films a
Sasquatch making the coyote cries. Some eerie howlings cannot be linked with humans or typical forest animals. They are the eerie
mournful calls associated with Bigfoot and some have been recorded. There is stronger evidence of the Sasquatch than Chupacabras,
Mothman, Gatorman, Yeti, Flying Saucers, Space aliens, "Bigfoot type Creatures", D.B. Cooper, Ogopogo, Thunderbirds, or the Lockness


Cliff Crook welcomes inquiries from all inquisitors including authors, scientists, and media. Contact Cliff Crook at


There are plenty of backyard Bigfoot reports.
If your backyard is out here.....sure.

Cliff inside a mystery lair along a river in Western Washington.
The primitive lair was constructed of broken branches over a sand floor.

Cliff shares a funny Bigfoot story on page 91 in the new book "WEIRD WASHINGTON" by Jeff Davis and Al Eufrasio.

A Stinky close Encounter

So you smelled a powerful foul, sulpheric odor in the woods and suspected Bigfoot was near. Your suspicion competition can be a surprising
line-up of usual suspects which may not exclude yourself. Do not be offended since fear emits a pungently foul odor. Swamps, skunks, skunk
cabbage, rotted vegetation, wet bears, spawned salmon, rotted waterfowl eggs, and dead animals or any combination of the above are
lingering foul odors that Bigfoot has long been blamed for. All foul odors often associated with the lurkings of Bigfoot.


A quality Bigfoot report is found by its endurance after a good on-scene investigation. The quantity Bigfoot report lacks details and


For sighting reports of D.B. Cooper, Jimmy Hoffa, Geronimo, Elvis, Batsquatch, space aliens, black helicopters, Big Bird, Patty, The Purple People
eater, Florescent Freddy, Lizardman, Gatorman, skinned bear paws, mangy cub bears, and Bigfoot butt


Note: In our research there remains good interest in any reason(s) that support the statement that Bigfoot is mere myth. Why Bigfoot creatures could simply not exist has
been a long awaited answer and if a good reason or more exists, we would certainly like to know. Any reasons offered will be much appreciated.