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In the 1980's, American Reiki Master, Patrick Zeigler, was given the Sekhem system in much the same mystical way as Dr. Usuil had received Reiki.

He called this system Seichim. Patrick innitiated others in the system, and it soon spread world-wide. As they worked with the energy, it seemed to split: the Egyptian Sekhem [sek-hem], and the subtly different SEICHIM [say-sh-i-m].

Seichim & Sekhem is a channeled energy, that is, it comes from a source outside of ourselves. It is not the persons own, but rater it is drawn from a limitless sea, of Living Light Energy. This is the same energy that we all use to power our bodies, fight infections and use for the joy of living and loving.

Living Light Energy addresses the subtler aspects of cause, releasing even deeply held thought forms in the etheric body, which create symptoms of disease and blockage in our physical form. Living Light is in a state of continual flux- ever-changing- like the nature of the universe we live in. As such Sekhem and Sekhem continue to evolve.

At this time The Healing Center is teaching 9 facets and the Master/Teacher level of Seichim.


A first facet initiation is given a symbol which enables the initiate to channel energy for any being in need of healing or energy balancing of any kind, including themselves. The first facet empowerment enables the practitioner to activate and amplify living light energy. You must have Reiki 1 to do the first facet.


A second facet initiation increases the amount of Seichim available to the practitioner, more symbols are given, you are taught how to release yourself and other from inappropriate behavior patterns and emotional blockages, it allows a deeper, faster cleansing of the body, mind, and spirit when doing treatments of self and others.


A third facet initiation empowers the initiate with a symbol and sound that allows the practitioner to connect and empower objects with living light energy. A object can be empowered with the intention of directing living light energy for a specific purpose. For people who want to access information inter-dimensionally [examples: accessing the Akashic records or channeling personalities from other dimensions, it is an extremely helpful tool.


A fourth facet is about growth, expansion, this symbol with steady and consistent usage, expedites the process of ascensiln, where all beings will come into their full empowerment. You will be able to entrance and facilitates conscious communion with higher aspects of each individual's being, when uses, for some it feels as though you "are" your higher self, rather than viewing your higher self as an entity separate from you.


The fifth facet is for realization of potential, since all creation is done via thought first, this symbol assists in construction of spiritual formation. All creation exists in the ether as thought initially this cements the thought, bringing about the actual manifestation. This symbol also preparation for the brother and sisterhoods of light. It is energy such as this which cleanses and perfects us before being programmed to go on to other levels of creation.


This facet is for Male/Female balancing. A reflect of the splendor and excellence of the creative aspect of the mother, father God. The manifestation of using, this symbol, are feelings of ancient wisdom, omniscience, the oldest knowledge. Exact male/femal balance. Quite conducive to deep meditation.


This Facet works on the third eye, this symbol allows one to activate the dormant, universal ability of crystal clear seeing in all situations. A visually oriented energy, this symbol can be use whenever extraordinarily capabilities of seeing to the heart of the matters is necessary.


The eight facet symbol is to enhances and magnifies healing with the power of love. It is used over the heart region.


A ninth facet initiation empowers the initiate to his/her fullest capacity, in effect, to refer to the stereo analogy, the volume of energy is turned to the highest decibel rating: ten of a possible ten. This is the Master Facet. The initiate is taught the master symbols and sounds. This information added to the other facet information, allows the practitioner to move very quickly through any manifestation of imbalance. It speeds up personal growth to an amazing degree. Healing of self and others is experienced at maximum capacity with empowerment. It is at this point in the movement from fcet to facet, that the opportunity to choose to be a teacher is made available. An initiate may decide to increased capacity to serve others by giving treatments. This is a satisfying productive to choice. At any time in the future, should the practitioner decide to teach, the teaching information will be availble.


If at this point the initiate chooses to become a teacher, the complete information concerning the initiation procedure is available. All symbols and ceremonies are then taught to the initiate. Materials to reproduce, certificates and workbooks are passed on at this time. The new Master/Teacher also has the opportunity to participate in gatherings with other Seichim Teachers. One a teacher has received all the information, they can initiate others, and is able to replicate himself/herself and create other Master/Teacher. This is an extremely powerful opportunity to spread the network of light healers on a high quality service in an economically flexible way. As more and more people choose to be of service in this way, the idea of world transformaation cn be more than an idea, it becomes reality.

I will come to your area, but distance is no problem if you can't come to the center for a treatment or attunement this energy is so powerful that it can be send anywhere, we do remote attunements call 412-521-8310 or email me at, I also from time to time do online classes, and attunements my ICQ number is 15233358 < A HREF="http://">">ICQ

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