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Askia Supplies & Services


     We are a procurement and service company sourcing, supplying and installing products ranging from Heavy Industrial Machinery to Simple Household Equipment. With over 15 years experience in the procurement and service industry, you can count on our expertise if your requirements are timely deliver of good quality products from original brand manufacturers at the best prices possible.

     Electrical fittings, Lightning systems, Electric Cables, Transformers, Generators, Streetlights, Air conditioners- Split, Portable, Window and Central Ducted. Construction & Building Material, Ironmongery; P.O.P Ceilings; Suspended Ceilings; Altro + Vinyl Floor Coverings and Safety Equipment, Security Systems- Fire Protection, Safes, Security & Access Control Systems,  Time Clocking Machines/Cards.

     Elevators / Lifts, Sanitary ware - Bath, Basin, Closet Pans; Cistern Urinals, Hand Dryers, Soap Dispenser, Mixers, Water Heaters, Marble Tiles, etc. Lightning and Water Heating Systems, Industrial Plants and Machinery, Elevators & Lifts, Electronic & Electrical- Schindler, Kone- FIAM, Kleeman. 

      Radio Communication Equipment- Walkie Talkies, Base Stations, Repeaters, HF Radios. Packaging Systems + Materials for Food Industry.  - Flexible packaging, Aluminium, Tin Foil Lined Paper, heat seal, leak proof paper, etc.

     Are a few of our areas of operation. We also participate in tenders for and on behalf of Clients, Principals and any organization interested in Bidding for the supply of Goods into Ghana.

Currently, we have imported a large quantity of AMCOR® Split Unit Air conditioners for distribution at Wholesale prices.

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To contact us:

2nd Floor Room 6
Tunisia House, 9Kwame Nkrumah Ave.
P. O. Box AN6394, Accra - Ghana.
West Africa

Phone: 233-21-666156
Fax: 233-21-666892