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Chitosan - The Fat Grabber

Chitosan is made from an ingredient in the shells of crabs and shellfish. Your body cannot digest it, so there are no side effects. Chitosan works by grabbing fat molecules as you digest food. Each tablet grabs 3 to 6 grams of fat and allows you to pass it through your digestive system; keeping it out of your bloodstream and off your hips and thighs. Vitamin C has been added to keep your body working at peak performance. Chitosan should be taken about half an hour before meals. Tailor your dosage according to what you eat. If you are eating dry toast and a grapefruit - there is no need to take it but if you have to stop at a fast food restaurant for lunch, Chitosan can definitely help you control your fat intake. Each bottle contains 120 tablets with 400 mgs of Chitosan and 20 mgs of Vitamin C at a cost of $14.95

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