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Aikido & Ki

Cambridge, Ontario, CANADA


Japanese poetryaikido animation Aikido is possibly one of the most sophisticated martial arts. It is a highly stylized form employing wrist, elbow and shoulder twists. Students of aikido believe that it is a way of developing coordination of the mind and body , with the purpose of creating a more fully integrated individual. Developed by Master Morihei Ueshiba , Aikido is based on Japanese warrior arts called Bujutsu , an effective means of self-defense. The techniques provide an effective defense against an unprovoked attack by one or even several opponents. A technically skilled practitioner is able to subdue an attacker without inflicting serious injury. Aikido employs circular movement as well as joint locking to neutralize an opponent.

bokken stand

Sensei Michelle Hogan has been teaching Aikido & Ki in K-W and Cambridge since 1983. Classes are informing and progressive designed to give you the greatest opportunity to learn. For class times, locations and prices please call;


Sensei Hogan can be reached on the internet at

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