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Office Romances

During the weeks of the alledged scandal involving President Clinton's relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky the New York Times ran stories of responsibility in the working environment and the need for guidelines about social encounters in the office as prepared by company employment lawyers. "Concentual Relationship Agreements" are being drafted by many companies for employees who can't resist temptation at the water cooler. These are written accords to prevent sexual harassment or discrimination suits if the relationship goes down the tubes.

In protecting an individuals rights when it comes to pairing off at the office we find contractual agreements like these:

Consensual Agreement One

Non supervisory

Insert personal information in brackets, suggested as guideline. Check with your personal attorney.

The individuals indicate the following about their relationship:
[HIS NAME] works for [COMPANY NAME] in the capacity of [JOB TITLE].
[HER NAME] works for [COMPANY NAME] in the capacity of [JOB TITLE].
[NAME] has never worked directly under the supervision of [NAME]
These employees work and interact on a professional level. Job tasks do not require interaction. These employees desire to enter into a consensual relationship. Welcomed by both and is unrelated to company business. As of [THIS DATE] the agreement is mutually respected by these employees and does not violate the standard regulations of Sexual Harassment Policies established by [THE COMPANY]. They agree the social relationship is welcome, voluntary and consensual.

Both parties have discussed the consequences of their social relationship and professional relationship and have discussed the matter with councel choice. Each has read and is in accord with [THE COMPANY] Sexual Harassment policy. Each had signed this agreement and filed a copy with [THE COMPANY].
Each agrees that public displays of their social relationship in the working environment will be discouraged and the decorum of a professional working environment will be maintained.
Both agree the social relationship may be terminated by either party at any time and will not adversely effect their working relationship. Neither will request a position with [THE COMPANY] that puts them in direct Supervisor/Subordinate positions.

If necessary both will agree to abide by [THE COMPANY] arbitration policies.

Each agrees to these terms by signature following this text, and having sought the advise of councel understands the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Consensual Agreement Two

Supervisor/Subordinates, guidelines. Consult a personal attorney.

[SUPERVISOR] values relationship with [SUBORDINATE]. The relationship is mutual, voluntary, consensual and welcome.
The relationship is not against the will of [SUBORDINATE] and will not effect the working relationship.
Both are equally comfortable with this relationship. Should the relationship terminate it will not effect the [SUBORDINATES] position with [THE COMPANY].

Both parties are aware of [THE COMPANY] Sexual Harassment policy. Have read, reviewed and discussed this policy and mutually agree to the stipulations.
Signatures of both parties below this text stipulate agreement and mutual accord. Their social relationship is and has been voluntary, consensual and welcome. Both agree each is free to terminate the social relationship at any time and such termination will not effect adversely their position with [THE COMPANY].

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