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Veteran's Announcements



February 1, 2000


February 1, 2000 has been designated as
POW/MIA Internet Blackout Day.

On February 1, 2000, we are encouraging all webpage owners to
black out their webpages for 24 hours. This POW/MIA Internet
Blackout is being done in Honor of our POW/MIA's, and in shame
& protest of our governments lack of action in bringing them home!

This is a 24 hour blackout, but we offer the 90 seconds of silence
for those that cannot afford or are unable to blackout their webpage
for the full 24 hours.

POWMIA Internet Blackout Day
For Those Without Webpages:
Many have asked how they can participate if they do not have web pages.
Our advice is to use your imagination and do something extra on that
day to spread the word:

We are planning several events to help promote
POW/MIA Internet Blackout Day.
Please check back here frequently for updates:
POW/MIA Blackout Day Updates & News

For More Information on how to get involved in the POW/MIA Cause:
POW/MIA Freedom Fighters
POW/MIA Awareness Campaigns
POW/MIA Balloon Launch


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Thank you for choosing to assist you
with your mortgage needs. We look forward to serving
the people who serve our country. Our goal is to assist
Veterans and Active Duty Military personnel buying and
refinancing homes through the VA Guaranty Program.

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Call Toll Free: 1-877-832-9347
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Lest We Forget The Trail Of Tears

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