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Effect: You call on four spectators to assist you. You hand the spectators a solid brass padlock and 5 keys. They examine the keys and lock to find that only one key will open the lock. A hundred dollar bill is locked securely in a clear plastic case. Each spectator selects a key leaving one out in plain view. Who ever open the case keeps the hundred dollar bill. Before trying the key in the lock, each person is given the choice to trade with another person, keep the key they have or try the one on the table. (Be sure this is their final answer). Each person tries unsuccessfully to open the lock and take the money. You take the last remaining key, open the lock and pocket the hundred dollar bill.

REMEMBER: - The spectator tries all keys. One works. - All keys are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT - No hidden magnets, buttons or levers. - Each step is done openly in plain view - The lock is a solid brass 2" padlock