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What Is An Illusionarium?

illusionarium - \il-`u-zhen-er-`e-em\ noun - a building which houses the properties and carries on the studies for the purpose of developing and promoting the artistic techniques of magic.

Hello, my name is Ken Gerbrandt, my wife Susan and I are the creators of the word as defined above. It was created while traveling on a lonely rural road in the prairies of Alberta, Canada. The purpose of it's creation was to rename the business which we had just agreed to purchase from Micky Hades in the spring of 1988.

The purpose of this explanation is to eleviate any other possible claim to the use of this word. It was officially registered on May 1st, 1988 in Vancouver, B.C. Canada when we took over ownership of Micky Hades International (Canada) Ltd.

All other uses of the name have been dealt with accordingly as we have been made aware of them. Any future use of the name is an infringement of International Copyright Laws and will be dealt with as such. Use of the above word may be allowed but only with the express written consent from the afore mentioned persons. Inquiries may be directed to us through our website email address.