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Our In Stock Books

At present you will only see prices for our stock - we are currently working as fast as we can on a catalog which will show the basic concepts and illustrations of these wonderful references. *Also, remember I have not adjusted the pricing since the turn of the century and you may note that some of the books are listed but have no accompanying price. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE FREE! They are in stock but as yet I have not come up with a price due to some loss of information during our hiatus. I will update as soon as possible

Miscellaneous Book Publishers

These are books published through various publishers for a many different Variety Artists in different Genres

Miscellaneous Publishers

Hades Publications

Although the bulk of these books are published by Hades there are some that are published by others which were distributed by Hades. Also the bulk of authors are a myriad of entertainers although, there are some written by the man himself(Micky). There are a number of first editions as well as some that are not even currently being published.

Hades Publications

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