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No Bikes
This Image i one of many at Roger Davies California MUni Weekend page !

This page is always under construction I have a chat room If people would like to gain accsess it's open all day saterday & some times other days or times find by the newsgroup.
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SUspension MUni Homepage -Newsgroup!

unisym2.gif - 2.7 -Great page!

cirstuff logo Circustuff-Good MUni page by Mini Mansell

DCJ logoDurham City Jugglers -The club where I go to on tuseday!

The 1st DC juggling festival  The First Durham Juggling Festival page - The Festival was mint.

Roger Davies - Has a selection of pictures and a detailed description of the carbon fiber unicycle.
Dube Juggling Equipment (USA)
Sells Unicycling from Beginner to Expert
Infinite Illusions (USA)
Sells Unicycling from Beginner to Expert
Oddballs (UK)
Sells Unicycling from Beginner to Expert and some of Jack Wiley's books.
Sells Jack Wiley's books.
Barnes and Noble
Sells Jack Wiley's books.
The Dazzling Mills Family
A family of performers who ride unicycles, juggle, and a number of other things.
Includes a section on unicycling.
Unicycling in New Zealand
Japan Unicycling Association
John Foss, The Uni-Cyclone
Thanks Beirne for the descriptions of some of the web links.
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