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So who is this Tie Dye Paul character?

Known by many names, Paul Little has managed to create an art form out of innocent cotton and silk. Paul suffers (?) from a psychological disorder called synesthesia. The phenomenon causes the various stimuli to be perceived as different sensations.
In Paul's case, audio signals are translated as visual impulses. What this means for his art is any music he hears can be translated into a symmetrical pattern of colors.

Since we both adhere to the thought that music is an expression of spiritual energy, the creation of custom pieces is akin to a state of religious ecstacy.
Many past projects have been for performers. A pair of 14-foot dragon kites were designed for The String Cheese Incident, followed a year later by a series of equilateral triangles representing autumn. Three of the triangles also carried air-brush work by our friend Michael Everett, who is known for designing a poster for the Fall '95 Dead tour that never happened. Michael has also designed a multitude of posters and CD covers for various bands. A medicine staff tapestry was commissioned by the now-defunct Medicine Show (out of Tulsa).

A fair number of performers have received Tie Dye Paul creations for stage wear. Some of our collectors wear nothing but our dyes.

"I'm returning the energy to the source," Paul said.


All energy is circular. Hoop it up!