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ALL.gif A whole bunch of characters
Itchy.gif Itchy and Scratchy pounding each other to death with sledge-hammers
anihomer.gif Homer popping up and down
barney9.gif Barney burping
bart.gif Bart with his skateboard
bart1.gif Bart UK-Style
bart2.gif Bart surfing
bart3.gif Bart sticking his tongue out
bartname.gif Bart by his name
character.gif A bunch of character's by the Simpson's logo
chief.gif A Chief Wiggum icon
grandpa.gif A Grandpa Simpson icon
hartman.jpg A picture of Phil Hartman
home.GIF An image that say's HOME
homer.gif An plain picture of Homer
homer.jpg A picture of Homer on a video
homer88.gif An icon of Homer
homername.gif A picture of Homer by his name
krusty.gif An icon of Krusty the Klown
krusty3.gif Another icon of Krusty
lisa.gif Lisa playing her saxaphone