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Chula Kite

Today kite fighting in Thailand is a battle of the sexes. The combatants's kites are the dominant and aggressive"male" (Chula) and the flighty and clever "female"(pakpao).The sport can be traced back to King Ramma II(1809-1824). He often matched his chula against his courtiers's pakpao on the Sanam Laung Prarade Ground in front of the Royal Palace This is the same area which kites are flown today.

The Chula is a sturdy , star-shaped, 260 cm. chula carries three sets of bamboo barbs attached to its line to snare a female . Part of the star shape are often referred to in human terms-head, chest , legs, and back. Achula team has ten to twenty people. Following here is some pictures of Chula kite.

Chula Barb

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