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Diocese of the Holy Spirit
Southern Episcopal Church

Clarksville, Tennessee

Standing for His truth.

  • We are a living part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church

  • One in Him through His sacrafice.

  • Holy because He makes us holy.

  • Catholic because we hold to the unchanging faith.

  • Apostolic because we stand in the Apostles' doctrine.

  • We seek only to serve Him.

  • We invite you to join us if you are looking.

    Diocese of the Holy Spirit,
    Southern Episcopal Church Connections

  • The Southern Episcopal Church Home Page
  • The Presiding Bishop
  • The Seminary
  • The National Cathedral

    We are a traditional Episcopal Church of the traditional Anglican Communion. We seek to preserve the faith of the fathers' in worship, practice and doctrine.
    We use the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. If you are interested in holding firm for the faith of our fathers. If you have been looking for a Church such as this, please contact us.

    Diocese of the Holy Spirit
    Southern Episcopal Church

    3061 Highway 41A South
    Clarksville, Tennessee 37043
    The Rt Reverend James Hunt

    Clinging to:

    "An unchanging faith, in an ever-changing world"

    Send email to Bishop Hunt if you like.